Stay Classy, Libs.

We’re less than a month out now and all the loons are coming out of the woodwork. The level of idiocy, childishness and criminality on display right now is staggering.

I’ve got a Romney sticker on my car and Mr. Liberty warned me this stuff would start happening months ago. Sadly, he was right. I told him then and I stand by it now – I won’t be intimidated. To any lunatic libs reading this, if  anyone messes with my car and I catch them… well, this girl will press charges faster than you can say ‘Hope and Change’.

Here in North Carolina, there has been a recent rash of vandalizing Romney signs:

These nuts are keying cars:

Urinating on yard signs:

Tweeting assassination threats:

More here on Kincannon’s chronicle of these threats.

And vandalizing people’s personal property:

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  3. Kieran J says:

    A young lady sent a tweet out about keying cars, and when I replied telling her she must be looking for a collar and an ass kicking, she sends back “Seriously, it was just a tweet. It’s not like I would really do it.” She was warned not to send stupid tweets that bring unwanted attention. Waiting for the harassment accusation LOL


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