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Last night in Denver, Mitt Romney positively schooled President Obama. It almost made me feel bad for the President — Almost. President Obama was in dire need of being challenged and having his arrogance taken down a notch or two… or fifty. Romney was in total command from the opening question. He knew the numbers, the facts and the laws better than the President, whose ‘uh’s’ and um’s’ became increasingly annoying as the debate wore on. Mitt Romney thrashed President Obama.

We saw the clear choice between the candidates:  One is a businessman who has worked his way up and sees the Presidency as a job and another one who is more engaged with the faculty lounge elite than reality, requires a teleprompter as a crutch and who regards the last four years as one celeb filled photo-op.  The President is one giant walking empty platitude and last night made that a stark reality. He’s about slogans, not solutions. If you doubt that check this out: Obama touts ‘new economic patriotism’ in post-debate Denver rally

New Economic Patriotism?  Yes, Dear Leader. We obey.  Frankly, that sounds like a new code word for Class Warfare. Keep an eye on the term and the rhetoric that goes with it.

Poor Biden is probably going to have a nervous breakdown before the VP debate next week; Paul Ryan is even better with numbers than Romney.

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Here are some more video highlights and clips from Denver:

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