#DenverDebate: Romney destroys the #EmptyChair

Mitt Romney ate Barack Obama’s lunch last night.. and then also drank the President’s milkshake. 

I went to bed grinning. Clint Eastwood’s shtick at the RNC was an Omen. This was Romney debating an empty chair. This morning I got up and this greeted me on Facebook as I logged in:


IowaHawk wins Twitter again:

Yes, let’s put up a tribute song:

I’ll likely be posting a separate piece with more video and highlights later on as they become available. O.k., so let’s hit the links!

Full Video:

Full Transcript: Presidential Debate Transcript: Denver, Colo. Oct. 3 – ABC News


Live blogs from last night:

Suicide Watch For The MSM:

The Reaction of Viewers/Polls:

The Blogs & Pundits:

Twitter Roundup:

Key Tweets (in link format since there are MANY):

Tweets from My Feed In close to chronological order from here down:


Update: Thanks to The Other McCain for linking!

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