*We* look ugly? (Updates)

I have mountains of respect for Ann Althouse. She’s smart and uses her wit to amuse and not abuse; that’s a talent and a half.  I normally agree with her on a number of issues, this is not one of them, from her Instapundit post:

October 3, 2012

AM I THE ONLY ONE OF THE INSTAPUNDIT BLOGGERS AND GUEST-BLOGGERS who loathes the Daily Caller’s exploitation of the 2007 video of Barack Obama stirring up the black churchfolk? I don’t think this is helping Mitt Romney with the swing voters at all. Like last week’s playing and replaying of the Obamaphone lady’s ravings, it repels me from Republicans. I’m a swing voter — I voted for Obama in 2008 and Bush in 2004 — and I am genuinely undecided this year. Those of you who are pleased with these seemingly exciting new weapons to use in the fight to defeat Obama are losing perspective. You are not thinking about how you look to the people you need to convince. Here’s a clue: You look ugly.

Posted by Ann Althouse at 12:31 pm

Before I decided to put up a full blog post, I tweeted this:

I stand by that tweet, but after thinking about it for a bit longer, I got a bit annoyed. Exploitation? Since when is exposing what the media hasn’t covered exploitation? I find this post disappointing.

I’m sorry but, WE look ugly?

Have you seen that video? Read the transcript of those remarks? THEY are ugly.  Barack Obama looks ugly. So does the media who didn’t report it at the time.  So do the Obama mouthpieces trying to spin it away. The truth is often ugly. Exposing this video for what it is and who is HE is for that matter, is also ugly — but necessary. It is a detail that comprises a bigger picture.  That is not to say that I think this should be front and center — Benghazi should be as well as our Freedom Speech in Obama’s America.

Backing up a bit:

“You are not thinking about how you look to the people you need to convince.”

That’s how we lost in 2008. This election is all or nothing. Two paths. Freedom or Occupy. If people haven’t figured that out by now, God help them. Edit: In other words, you can keep the political correctness gag.

Backing up even further:

“I’m a swing voter — I voted for Obama in 2008 and Bush in 2004 — and I am genuinely undecided this year.”

With all due respect, if you are genuinely still undecided this year, then this won’t make any difference. Clearly the Fast and Furious, Solyndra, the stimulus, Obamacare, Occupy and Benghazi haven’t made a difference and neither has the maintained high unemployment, rising food stamp enrollment, rising cost of food and gas that has remained over $3– all of which would have had Democrats rattling their sabers for impeachment by now had these been events that came to pass under a Republican President.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most people have made up their mind already.  Obama’s self-fulfilled his own prophecy.

Update: Glenn Reynolds weighs in. I get what you’re saying, but no.

Update 2: Althouse replies. Missing the point again.

Update 3: Ed Driscoll gets it. Kisses.

Update 4: Althouse has the comment posted on her site. Comment section having a field day. Bill Whittle has one up that includes a mention of the tactics that went on in Wisconsin (and are still going on) that reads:

“I am genuinely undecided this year…”

Really, Ann? I enjoy disagreeing with people I respect, but how you can make a statement like that and retain my respect is something I am going to have to struggle with.

I’m sorry if trumpeting video evidence of the kind of character you voted for in 2008 makes us look “ugly.” Undoubtedly this is because of your moral superiority regarding the race issue, as you referenced with the Obama phone lady.

Conservatives pushed the Obama phone video to show how DEPENDENT Obama’s people are, not how BLACK they are. And the New Orleans video is direct contravention of the “Reverend Who?” speech that suckered you and the other suckers.

Yes, there’s something ugly here all right. And I suspect is it in the mind of someone who is utterly unable to get past race in this country, and see to this man and his supporters for what they are.

After all of the thug tactics in Wisconsin, repeated nationally, and you remain “undecided.” I see. Got it.

Also this one hits some of the notes I did:

Matthew Sablan said…

Frankly, if we can’t convince people to vote in a direction based on recent foreign policy events and the economy, I seriously doubt a speech from years ago will sway people. I doubt anyone is saying: “Well, I thought that 8+% unemployment and F&F thing were OK, but that speech was a bit mean. Totes Romney at the voting booth.”

The video’s a distraction, however fun it is to point out the factual inaccuracies and hypocrisy (like the utter abandonment of red states impacted by natural disasters under Obama.)

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8 Responses to *We* look ugly? (Updates)

  1. wombat_socho says:

    I masturbate to anime cartoons because I’m an obese, lonely, diabetic with stupid hats.


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  3. As an instapundit guest blogger too junior to get in the fray — I agree with Ed.
    JUST Obama’s fake accent is news. It would be like me (Portuguese born, sound Russian — not sure why. Probably midrange hearing loss) to go to a gathering of Latinos and speak in a fake Spanish accent. It’s rude and insulting to the audience. As are his lies to them. AND I think people of all races can understand that. I’m a little tone-deaf to racism in the US not having grown up here, but I DON’T BELIEVE my country of choice is that racist. I think most people would be revolted at the open sneering in that video.


    • You and I are of like mind on what Ed said. The initial thing that hit me was his change in demeanor and tone. It was a little horrifying in terms of pandering. Then when you look beyond that to what he is actually saying it becomes more than a little horrifying. What was said by Obama was not just ugly in how it sounded out loud, but in the content of what he was saying. Pointing that out is not optional but required.


  4. Mary K says:

    You know, this really gets to me. I just listened to Barack Obama talk about “rich people” and he is always talking about how selfish and awful they are…in this case, he was talking about how they don’t care about anybody else because they “got theirs”… He seems to think all the problems of the world are on the “rich people”… He has accused Republicans of not caring if black people die, and other things negative… he constantly is trashing GOP and people who vote that way. They went all the way back to when Romney was in HIGH SCHOOL and with Bush, they went all the way back to college when all the could find was a single DUI! And, THAT’s ok! Just don’t bring out these things about the President that has needed to be exposed since day 1! He gets a pass on way too much and I’m happy these things are coming out now. Sad that we have to do the media’s job for them, because they would try to keep these things hidden. I share every stinking thing that comes out on him, as long as there is back up or credibility, which there is plenty of!

    Keep up the good work! Don’t back off at all! We have still got about a month to go! And, THANK YOU!


  5. I agree wholeheartedly with you on this one (that’s normal). With all due respect Ann, if you voted Akaobama and now with almost 4 years experience remain undecided, then you need to seriously consider having your head examined!


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