Obama Admin Releases GITMO detainee Omar Khader To Canada

Over at Creeping Sharia, this headline screamed at me:

Obama sends Gitmo terrorist who killed at least one American soldier back to Canada


More information on his whereabouts is likely to be released once he arrives on Canadian soil. The Khadr saga began more than a decade ago, in June 2002, on a battlefield in Afghanistan. The 15-year-old was shot and captured by an American Special Forces unit following a lengthy battle where U.S. Delta Force Sgt. Christopher Speer was fatally wounded.

Khadr is the second youngest son of now deceased Egyptian-born Canadian, Ahmed Said Khadr, who was close with Al Qaeda’s elite. The Khadr family’s unpopularity overshadowed much of his case.

In October 2010, Khadr pleaded guilty before a Guantanamo military tribunal to five war crimes, including “murder in the violation of war” for Speer’s death. He received an 8-year-sentence and a diplomatic agreement from Ottawa that after one more year he would be transferred to Canada in return for the plea deal.

A colleague of mine, Liberty Speaks, has provided me with the DoD dossier on Khader. In this dossier, Khader is considered a high risk detainee and recommends he not be released. Also, his father is a senior Al Qaeda member:

Detainee’s father is a senior Al-Qaida financier and reportedly the fourth in command underneath Usama Bin Laden in the Al-Qaida organization. The detainee and his brother were encouraged to travel to Afghanistan and fight against the US in support of Al-Qaida and the Taliban.

One has to wonder if Khader will land back in his land of origin like Eiad Salameh. Meanwhile, the scapegoat remains locked up in maximum security isolation.

I have the dossiers on the 55 other detainees this administration plans to release. Email me if you would like copies until I can get them uploaded: LadyLiberty1885@live.com

Update: The files are now available here.

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