Occupy Obama….or not.

In my regular travels documenting the liberal temper tantrum known as Occupy, I come across events the various factions plan. One such was “Occupy Obama September 3-6” in Chicago. Didn’t hear about protests in the news on that one now did we? Nope.  I picked through the news and found nothing about a protests of Obama that went on that day in Chicago. Finding little in the news, I hit the correlated Facebook page event. 209 people accepted the event, but it would appear it never went down.  Note the message of some of the declines:

Robert Hoffman

Ok, I get not being crazy about all that Obama has or has not done. But I think too many people that hoped for “Change” laid that enormous burden on the shoulders of one man, and then kicked back and did nothing to help him. Did you see the turn out numbers for the 2010 election???? Us liberals sat back and let all those tea baggers get elected, and then we bitch because Obama couldnt get congress to agree on what time to have lunch??? Bitch all you want, but I will not be attending your event. I will be using my time to fight back against the radicall tea bagger platform, I will be working to get progressive candidates elected, and then forcing them to do what they were elected to do. But you all sit back and bitch….

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Really a stupid target at this time when all progressives need to get behind the president. If Romney wins it may be just because of attention brought by misguided actions like this.

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I disagree the statement that President Obama is not so different from Mitt Romney. The difference is HUGE. I support President Obama 100%.

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