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The Coming MSM Bubble Burst Edition

Don’t believe the hype. Hype and Change is how the media got Barack Obama elected the first time and it’s how they are straining to get him re-elected now. A lot of my readers write to me worried about polls they see. My response to them: screw the polls.

Why ‘screw the polls’? Because the MSM is using them as a fear and demoralizing tool to leverage their narratives that Romney’s campaign is over or collapsing or in trouble or whatever their adjectives may be. The MSM is monkeying with the results to deal the death-blow to our hopes of getting Obama out.

That’s all bullshit and the people know it.

The media, however, doesn’t know it. They’re living in a bubble they’ve been trying to extend since 2008. Well, that bubble is going to burst. Big time. I think you’re going to see a lot of really distraught MSM talking heads on election night when Romney wins (by a healthy margin too) asking things like, “How the $#%@ did this happen?” They don’t realize we’ve tuned them out just like we’ve tuned out Obama. Not everyone across the board has fully tuned out yet, there are still the faithful Obamabots out there. Bottom line is, we know what we see everyday and we don’t see it being reported.  Just off the top of my head:

  • Gas prices rising and staying high.
  • Food prices rising.
  • Government entitlements swelling.
  • Our nations credit downgraded – twice!
  • Our debt rolling over 16 trillion – but Obama can’t remember that.
  • The EPA is out of control.
  • A DOJ more corrupt than any in our nation’s history.
  • Our defenses weakened.
  • Homes worth less than the mortgage on them.
  • Obama’s cronies getting their fair share of our money or stealing their fair share with no consequences.
  • Fast and Furious
  • The millions who have given up looking for work and the millions still trying.
  • Food Stamps reaching record levels.
  • Occupy.
  • The lies this administration tells on a daily basis.
  • Our citizens dead at the hands of people this President encouraged to revolt and instead of action, we get apologies and the trampling of free speech.
  • The way this administration seemingly despises America, its traditions and principles – with Obama desiring to be more a dictator than a president..

That’s not even close to a full list. I write about the news every day, so I see more headlines than most people and it would take me days to list out everything this administration has pulled. Our government has become a dictatorship under this President. This race isn’t even close, but the media wants you to think it is.

The MSM is too busy protecting their King to do their job. They are just as complicit in the state of this nation as Obama himself. This week, the news should be focused on the terrorist attack that took the lives of 4 Americans in Benghazi and the appeasement and pandering of this administration towards the perpetrators. Instead, they’re running with stories about Romney telling the truth in such a manner you’d think Voldemort had just pointed at them hissing, “Avadra Kedavra!”

The MSM is pushing headlines that make the reader think Romney’s going down in flames. It is just NOT so. Battling an outside force is hard enough for a country, but battling an internal one that controls information, and communication to a large degree in this country, is much, much worse. Which brings me to the Bill Kristol’s out there — To all the conservative writers I’ve seen out there wallowing in such stories, you probably don’t realize it but… You’re helping the other side. Yes, there are sides. It’s come to that. Anyone thinking otherwise after four years under Obama needs to be smacked in the forehead and yelled at. Repeatedly if necessary.  So…Snap out of it and fight, for crying out loud. This is #WAR.  By the way, Kristol — that wasn’t arrogance or stupidity, that was truth and it’s resonating with people.  I’ve seen dogs with more sense than that; you think Romney was talking about 47% of Americans as a whole and not referring to a specific subset. Ugly as it may be, it was truthful and THAT is something we haven’t had in 4 years.

Sorry, but I’ve had it with this kind of apologist crap.

I’m like any other citizen watching our nation unravel day by day. I’m angry. I’m tired. I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of the spin. I’ve had it with the war on this and the war on that. I’m disgusted by the rhetoric – on both sides. I’m even more revolted by the flat-out antisemitism on display at the DNC. I want November to get here so we can vote this incredible jackwagon OUT and get back to our lives. I want to go back to worrying what we’re going to do this weekend instead of whether or not I can gas up the car today versus putting food in our fridge. Don’t even get me started on saving money for retirement or my children’s education — I really will lose it.  I’m done. Stick a fork in me.

I feel a lot like Bill Whittle at the end of this Trifecta segment:


8:21 Mark:

“I pray to God, there is a law of heaven higher and nobler and sterner than the laws you trample down here on Earth, because the willful violation of so sacred a trust over the graves of so many patriots and ripped from the hearts of a great and decent people who champion that freedom around the world… deserves a punishment far richer than the one you’re going to receive this November when those same people close that curtain behind them and finally unleash their righteous rage on, what is without question, the most dishonorable, treasonous, self-aggrandizing evil bastard the office of the President of the United States has ever seen.”



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  1. MM says:

    RightEFFINGon LL-and WTF is with the Bill Krystals of the world huh? Please show me all of the REgressive columnists that have gone off the reservation, I’ll wait……….yeah that’s right, none. They hold the line right up to and even past the coming land slide in Nov for this despicable administration. All of them can go to hell.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have President Romney exclude these asshats from the WH briefing room and stock it with conservative news people and bloggers-oh Lordie, I don’t believe he could convey their irrelevance more completely. And not only would he draw a distinct line but if you think you’ve seen unhinged vehemence now, you ain’t seen nothing like how they would respond to that.

    If only.


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