Janet who?

Not the kind of Insta-lanche I’d want….this excerpt is the best part:

  • CORRECTION NOTE: An earlier version of this post mistakenly quoted Glenn Reynolds as using the phrase “Nazi paramilitary-type.” This error has now been corrected. We regret the error.

I lol’d.


“If Nakoula is being questioned in the context of violating his probation, how is Obama being a bully?”

The simplistic mind that cannot grasp the Middle East is using the film as an excuse for violence likely cannot grasp this administration using a parole violation as an excuse to take citizens into ‘voluntary’ custody to intimidate question them with Federal Agents present.

The author is misses the trees for the forest. Glenn Reynolds is right, although I wish for once he wasn’t.

By the way… Who is Janet Shan? Clearly an expert on many things and such a moderate voice. She sings a slightly different tune when it’s Obama being questioned instead of a parolee.


Maybe this can help her: Nakoula Arrest Photoshops: Best of the Best


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3 Responses to Janet who?

  1. When idiots like this try to “school” Glenn Reynolds, it is really kinda sad. I wince b/c it’s just embarrassing. They think they are so smart. Perhaps they are the type that think Obama is the “smartest guy in the room.” Meanwhile, they nip at the heels of the actual smartest guy in the room, and congratulate themselves. And he swats his hand briefly, and moves on. Do they ever stop to think how this man regularly writes articles for major newspaper publication, holds full time job as law school professor, publishes law review articles, has myriad hobbies, and, oh yes, runs a blog by himself that gets a million hits a day?

    Naw, they can school him, cuz insulting the Prez iz just dum!


    • Indeed – which is what prompted me to write that post. Professor Reynolds has been doing this a long, long time and for him to be so vehement about a topic, you know he’s nailed it.

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