Obama’s Peace Partners Call For Killing US Soldiers on Twitter

Brevity is apparently not the strong suit of Obama’s Peace Partners, the Taliban. They aren’t having any part of the 140 character limit on Twitter.

Using TwitLonger, Taliban Call For Attacks On U.S. Troops In Afghanistan In Revenge For Film On Prophet Muhammad – MEMRI

“The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns with the strongest of words insult towards the great Prophet of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (SAW), perpetrated in a screening in an American cinema with the authorization of its government. Since America declared its open war on Islam eleven years ago, it has repeatedly and on various intervals insulted the inviolable sanctums of Islam. Such revolting actions are not acts of individuals but rather are activities done with the approval or even directly by the government.

“We, as the staunch defenders of Islam, make it very clear to the American regime as well as its rebellious transgressing individuals that such actions will not bring you any closer to your malicious goals but vice-versa; it shall further unveil the true satanic face of your government especially to the Muslims and will drive the Muslim world to communally respond with an appropriate reaction.”

“The bestial natured America has violated the religious, ideological, national and cultural sanctums of various countries and nations in its dark history and has allowed such irresponsible acts to flourish in its country[;] therefore the international community and specifically the Muslim nations and countries should join hands and create an unbreakable alliance against this common enemy in order quickly respond to these evil elements with an appropriate and stern reaction and to contain these gross offences.”

“The Islamic Emirate also calls on all its Mujahideen to stand firm against all the violations against our heavenly book (Quran), Prophet and other sanctums perpetrated by the invading America. The Mujahideen in Afghanistan should avenge these actions of the American government by dealing a heavy blow to its invading troops on the battlefield. Similarly, the Islamic Emirate calls on all of the religious scholars of the country to fully inform the masses about such barbaric acts by America in their sermons and to prepare them for a lengthy struggle.”

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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  2. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns with the strongest of words insult towards the great Prophet of Islam . . .” A human slave trader, pedophile, homosexual, polygamist, murderer, torturer, drunkard, thief, a reprobate sociopath with no integrity and loyal only unto his self. Somehow in the perverted world that is Islam a man of this character may be insulted, but that is pure pig sh*t, every reasonable thinking persons knows there is nothing that can possibly insult the lowest of low, the scum of the earth. In the United States of America a person caught living such a life of debauchery that Mohamoud did would be sentenced to death by lethal injection.


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