Two Paths & Two Embassies Attacked (Updates All Day)

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This morning we all woke up to the news that not only was our Egyptian embassy attacked, but our Libyan embassy was as well. In Libya, the Ambassador has been confirmed killed during the attack and reports are now that three others are also dead.  The attacks in Libya are being blamed on Muslim outrage over an Anti-Islam film that has been circulating since July.

This violence over freedom of speech is beyond outrage and highlights just how screwed up the Middle East truly is — and our own government who’s first reaction was to condemn the attacks, delete that condemnation and then re-condemns the attacks via  an apology for insulting Muslims. This is beyond disgraceful. There are now also warning being issued for possible attacks in Algiers.  (Update: Add Tunisia to the list, as well as Morocco, Sudan and Kuwait )This is what “smart diplomacy” looks like. Obama sends out the other Clinton to do his dirty work: Hillary Clinton Condemns Mohammed Movie

I won’t apologize and I agree with Krauthammer:

The media is really disgusting on this. We have Americans who are dead as a direct result of President Obama’s actions (and inaction) in the Middle East and they’re busy making sure the fan is blowing the shit at Romney and not Obama. I had an exchange on Twitter that exemplified the Left and their love of calling us names in the face of real tragedy. (Update: Check out the audio/video Right Scoop has where a CBS reporter and an unidentified are coordinating their question for Romney.)

TWO PATHS, People.

I have compiled many links to these events (below) and  this list will be updated as I get more, so stop back.

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