RNC – Night Two

Paul Ryan Hits A Home Run

Speech of the night without question goes to Paul Ryan. I’m sure Obama curled up with his laptop and cried last night after seeing that speech.

This is a roundup of the speakers and related articles for the RNC 2012 Night Two.  You can find my post for RNC Night One here. I watched the speeches on UNC-TV, the public station here in the Triangle, NC. I had to if I wanted to actually SEE the speeches in their entirety, since when I browsed local ABC and CBS, it was mostly their talking heads yapping while you could see the speaker on the stage behind them clearly still talking. NBC (WRAL) local didn’t even have coverage of the convention last night. Pathetic.

One piece that needs to be addressed from my RNC Night One post is Juan Williams. It appears he has issued an apolo-attack to Ann Romney on the FOX news website. I read it and think Mr. Williams might want to call over to Current TV to inquire about positions available there. What an ass….but what do I know? I’m just a blogger. Read Dan Riehl’s slap-down of Williams’s apolo-attack – he nails it.

The schedule of events has the list of speakers each night. I’ve got the following speech videos linked below. The GOP has a YouTube channel set up for the convention as well, that’s a useful place to look for videos I may not have posted. My usual useful links and more are at the bottom of the post.

Ron Paul (video tribute)

Mitch McConnell

Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuno

Tim Pawlenty

Mike Huckabee

Rand Paul

John McCain

Condoleeza Rice

Susana Martinez

Paul Ryan

The best ones of the night, aside from Paul Ryan, were definitely Condoleeza Rice and Susana Martinez. By the way, Rice didn’t use a teleprompter. She just referred to her notes.  Eat it, Obama. I am embedding Ryan and Rice’s speeches below as well, with the full text of their remarks above each video. I originally was going to just embed Ryan’s speech, but then I found out that ABC News Aired Less than Two Minutes of Condi’s Speech and decided ABC viewers might like to see her speech too. Take note of the protester who attempted to disrupt Ryan’s Speech. You can read about it here:

Abortion Rights Protester, Using Pass Obtained From Ron Paul Delegate, Disrupted Paul Ryan’s RNC Speech

I have one thing to say about that — Ron Paul Supporters continue to be their own worst enemies.

Here are the speeches:

Rice Full Text


Ryan Full Text


The Useful Links:

Ann Althouse’s RNC Live Blog

Rand Paul: ‘Whole damn’ healthcare law is ‘still unconstitutional’

Yes, Paul Ryan Spoke the Truth About Obama’s Fiscal Record at the Republican Convention

Ryan’s Reaganesque Remarks Echo Nation’s Founding Principles

Portman’s RNC Speech: Romney Creates Wealth, Obama Redistributes It

** Important:  John Nolte of Breitbart is Watchdogging the Media Coverage. Given the links below this one, he has his work cut out for him.


The Leftist Love & Idiocy Links:

War on Women: ‘I want to murder Ann Romney’; Left hurls misogynist hate, death threats at multiple GOP women; Updated

AP’s Beth Fouhy is a Leftist hack

Meet MSNBC’s fact-checker: Ezra Klein?!? Update: Klein’s blog falsely claims that Janesville auto plant closed in 2008

Tolerant libs give Condoleezza Rice the ‘Mia Love’ treatment

Chris Matthews praises Condoleezza Rice’s speech … as ‘rejoinder to birtherism’

George Stephanopoulos Relays E-Mail From ‘Top Democrat’ Ripping Ryan’s Speech

Answer: It gives an excuse to the MSM to talk about something other than the speech itself

Ron Paulers March Around The RNC In Protest

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  3. MM says:

    I thought Ryan’s line that the current administration, “…was like a ship trying to sail on yesterday’s wind.” was killer. If he did in fact write that speech, he’s pretty good with the written word.


    • “President Obama is the kind of politician who puts promises on the record, and then calls that the record.”



      • MM says:

        I guess it’s too much to expect, especially, if I might echo Levin, since I really am not seeing the level of naming names and calling to account that I’d think we oughta be seeing. I mean Christie telling me about his mom?!? When he should’ve been laying waste to Obama and his failures-it the frigging KEYNOTE!

        So anyway, I believe the tone of this convention is waaay too non-confrontationable(is that a word?) and I don’t have any high expectations for the Romney speech tonight.


      • I too was expecting more from Christie. Romney is not a bombast style guy, I expect him to hit Obama on his record just as he has been and as he SHOULD continue to do. He will keep it classy and probably have a few zingers in there, but I am not expecting nor do I want glitzy. I want consistency and a sense that there is now an adult in the room.


      • MM says:

        I’ve been listening to the speeches on and off this morning as I was only able to catch Ryan’s speech live. I gotta tell ya, Susana Martinez, the governor of NM, gave a beaut. A little bit of Christie with her background but unlike him, she hammered Obama. Now the background was more called for here, hell I’m in CO and only know of her by name. She’s a winner.


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