FLASHBACK: It’s Not Rape-Rape (Video)

Liberals like to redefine things to suit their purpose of the moment. Flashback to 2009 via Fire Andrea Mitchell!:

Hey, it’s not rape-rape! All is well.

Right now, Liberals and Team Obama are desperately trying to jump on the heads of the GOP over the next social issue: Abortion.

Todd Akin gave them their ‘in’ and they are going to milk it for all it’s worth. Yes, what he said was pretty dumb. Bear in mind if he were a Democrat saying something dumb, that would garner him a Vice President slot. So, to those of you paying attention to the President’s penchant for shiny objects and distractions, promoted so well by his lapdog media — please remind those obsessing over this that unemployment is still 8.3%, gas is still rising and that our debt is headed towards $16 trillion.

Some examples of the “head jumping” were in my inbox this morning. Two emails were waiting for me that took advantage of the Akin abortion comments circus.  One was from Sandra Fluke called ” Legitimate Rape”, the text as follows:

Friend —

In a recent statement that was both factually inaccurate and horribly offensive, Republican Missouri Senate candidate Rep. Todd Akin said that victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tried to distance themselves from the remark — but the fact is they’re in lockstep with Akin on the major women’s health issues of our time. Just this morning, the Republican Party voted to include the “Human Life Amendment” in their platform, calling for a constitutional ban on abortions nationwide, even for rape victims. Several Romney supporters and advisers stood silently by while this vote took place, and the Los Angeles Times reports that the platform “was written at the direction of Romney’s campaign.”

President Obama spoke out in response to Akin’s comments: “What I think these comments do underscore is why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.”

This controversy is not an accident, or a mistake, or an isolated incident. It’s a reflection of a Republican Party whose policies are dangerous for women.

There is a clear choice for women in this election: Stand with President Obama.

I entered this national debate on women’s rights in February, when, as a Georgetown Law student, I testified before members of Congress on the issue of contraception.

Without knowing me or my story, Rush Limbaugh called me a “slut” and a “prostitute” on his radio show.

Many Americans stepped forward to tell me they agreed with me, and supported my right to speak out without being verbally attacked. President Obama stood with us.

Mitt Romney, on the other hand? He didn’t even condemn the remark, instead saying only: “It’s not the language I would have used.”

Since that moment, I’m even more resolved to continue the fight to make sure every single woman — and every man who cares about the women in his life — knows exactly what’s at stake in this election. The Republicans are frighteningly clear on these issues.

The party platform itself includes a “salute” to states that have pushed “informed consent” laws, such as those that force women seeking an abortion to first undergo an invasive and medically unnecessary ultrasound.

Just last year, Paul Ryan joined Todd Akin and more than 200 other Republicans in co-sponsoring legislation that would have narrowed the definition of rape, limiting which victims of rape were “legitimate” enough to receive financial assistance for access to abortion care.

Mitt Romney famously says he would “get rid of” Planned Parenthood if he had the chance. And both Romney and Ryan pledge to go back to a system where insurance companies can discriminate against women and charge us more than men for the same health insurance.

Akin’s comments shouldn’t be surprising. But this isn’t about him — just like it was never about me.

President Obama has told us what he’s fighting for: “I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons.”

Republicans, led by Romney and Ryan, have made it clear that they want to make our decisions for us.

President Obama trusts us to make our own.

It’s as simple as that. Join me and stand with him today:



Sandra Fluke


If you didn’t injure your eyes rolling them at that Fluke email, try this one from Lying Liar, Stephanie Cutter:

Truth Team


Friend —

“Rape is rape.” The fact that President Obama needed to explain this to the Republican Party earlier this week says so much about how extreme the other side has become.

It’s only Wednesday, and we already have a lot to report this week.

Take a look at the items below, and share them with your friends and family:

#1 President Obama speaks on women’s health decisions
President Obama on Monday spoke out about the outrageous comments of Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Missouri, who said that victims of “legitimate rape” don’t get pregnant because “the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” The President said that Rep. Akin’s comments show “why we shouldn’t have a bunch of politicians, a majority of whom are men, making health care decisions on behalf of women.” Watch the President’s entire response here, and share it with others:

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#2 What the Romney-Ryan ticket would mean for women’s health
Akin’s views aren’t an aberration in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s Republican Party, which is extreme on women’s health issues. Their official party platform — written “at the direction of the Romney campaign,” according to the Los Angeles Times — supports outlawing all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. They want to defund Planned Parenthood. Ryan even cosponsored a bill with Akin to change the definition of rape. Take a look at our blog post about what a Romney-Ryan administration would mean for women, and share it with people you think need to see it:

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And, check out this graphic that looks at just how extreme the new GOP platform is, and share it on Facebook.

#3 The choice on college affordability
President Obama believes a skilled workforce is critical to keeping America competitive and creating an economy built to last — and in order to make that happen, he’s helping millions of students pay for college. In contrast, Romney’s advice to parents and students trying to pay for college is to “shop around” if they’re worried about higher college costs. Take a look at our new calculator that lets you easily compute how each candidate’s plan for student loan reform could affect you, and share it with others so they can do the same:

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#4 The choice on education
Romney and Ryan’s terrible education plans aren’t just limited to student loans — their proposals for K-12 education would roll back much of the progress we’ve made under President Obama to improve our nation’s education system. We put together a blog post that looks at the President’s record on education compared to Romney’s, and what their proposals could mean for students and educators. Take a look, and share with the parents and teachers in your life:

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#5 Fixing Romney’s Medicare whiteboard
Romney gave a speech last week where he used his factually inaccurate talking points about the President’s record on Medicare — and he even used a whiteboard to emphasize his distortions. No matter what Romney draws on a whiteboard, it won’t change the facts: President Obama has already extended the life of Medicare by nearly a decade and is helping seniors save money. I recorded a video to respond to Romney’s attacks and fix some problems with his whiteboard illustration. Take a look, and share with others:

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