Chicago Warzone Update: Adjusting the Death Toll

Over the last few months, I’ve been tracking the deaths in Chicago based off an interactive map, which no longer exists but was located here:

Chicago homicides map –

The new map with new numbers has replaced it. My own additions to the total of deaths were based off the original and now defunct map. Apparently, I am off by 60 deaths according to a recent story published by ABC 7 Chicago:

August 21, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) — Chicago is seeing a surge in the number of homicides in August after a July that saw that month’s fewest killings in years.

The Chicago Tribune ( ) reports that the city had logged 38 homicides in August, as of Monday. That’s three more than in all of August 2011. Police statistics show that Chicago recorded 22 homicides in the first 19 days of August last year.

This year’s August homicides include six people killed Saturday, which police says tied Feb. 19 for the most homicides in a single day this year in Chicago.

The Tribune reports that 346 people have been killed in Chicago overall this year. That compares with 265 during the same period last year.

I apologize for the error in my reporting, however I wish I was still wrong with the total of 286…or a total of zero.



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  2. lola says:

    This is some sad shit.where are these young men parents y aren’t they involved y aren’t these parents being held accountable why would your child be out late at night killing ppl.where do these parents be.what are the authorities doing.why not start a curfew and make sure the consequences are severe if broken and a two to four year bootcamp funded by the state.the state got money for all this other shit ppl don’t need why not fund bootcamp for gangs cuz these parents ant doing shit and some can’t do anything.its crazy lord god bless Chicago put it in these young ppl minds and in their hearts to stop killing one another.


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  4. Thank you for keeping this blog. Someone has got to get the truth out!!!


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