Obama’s Alinsky Tactics Boomerang Again

The Obama campaign is imploding.

Not even Michelle can save it this time.

Obama’s love of using distractions to shield himself from attacks on his pathetic record is crumbling. The public sees it and so does the Romney team. The Romney campaign is wise to the Alinsky style tactics of this President and isn’t taking the bait, but instead allowing said attacks to boomerang back to Team Obama.

Case in point: The latest Obama charge against Romney. Team Obama claims Romney is  growing “unhinged”Really?  Unhinged and Romney in the same sentence sincerely made me laugh.Romney has been anything but unhinged. In fact, proponents of Romney have been clamoring for him to get tougher and strike harder.

To his credit, Romney has remained calmly on the high road and stayed steady in his message. Team Obama by comparison has flailed, lied and sported thunderous rhetoric filled tantrums speeches in campaign stops. Put the Team Obama from 2008 next to Team Obama from 2012 and it is very clear who the unhinged candidate is today.

What happened to the “Hope and Change”?





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5 Responses to Obama’s Alinsky Tactics Boomerang Again

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  2. Great post here.

    Respectfully submitted by SD2010


  3. Les Brown says:

    The Obama camp is out of viable ammunition as far as ideas on the economy go. Ergo, they just trash the Romney camp with lies and inuendo trying to distract the voter from the real issues. Issues that team Romney appear to have calculated answers to. The Obama camp is at a loss to understand what is happening to them, but I think come November they’ll understand clearly that We the people have spoken!


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