The Comeback Team: Romney/Ryan 2012


Mitt Romney has chosen Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be his running mate. The mainstream media is calling it a ‘risky’ move already. That should tell you something about how much they fear him as a VP pick — Ryan is the smartest choice Romney could have made and reinforces how serious our economic situation is by picking the man who wrote the ‘Path to Prosperity‘ 2012 budget resolution. Team Obama and the DNC already took a swipe at Ryan and whiffed. Ryan is also chairman of the House Budget Committee. He is also a senior member of the powerful and influential House Ways And Means Committee.

From Paul Ryan’s House Website, here are some facts about Rep. Ryan:

  • He represents the 1st District in Wisconsin.
  • Ryan is 42 years old; January 29, 1970
  • He is currently serving his 7th term in Congress.
  • Ryan is married to Janna Ryan; with two sons (Charlie and Sam) and a daughter (Liza).
  • College: Miami University in Ohio – economics and political science.
  • Ryan is the author of the 2012 budget resolution, “The Path To Prosperity“.

Find out more, via these sources provided by Rep. Ryan:

Videos for the Path to Prosperity, starting with the trailer:

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