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On Wednesday, Obama dragged out government entitlement addict and birth control budgeting failure, Sandra Fluke at a Colorado campaign stop. Obama’s effort to drag this manufactured crisis back into the spotlight to distract yet again from his horrific record was more than I could handle. So, I revolted with a post called, “Who Gives a Fluke? Blog About Obama’s Economy“. Several other bloggers joined me. If I missed someone, ping this post and I’ll add you to the list.

The Lonely Conservative: Obama Trotted Out Sandra Fluke on the Campaign Trail, But the Economy Still Stinks

An Ex-Con’s View added: Is It a Fluke?

Capitalist Preservation chimed in: We Don’t Give A Fluke!!

Nice Deb had the skinny on the Fluke-ites: Sigh: Watch Sadly Vacuous Women Outside the Obama/Fluke Rally Get Interviewed (Video)

Team Obama has been rolling out distractions and shiny objects since before the 2008 election. Smoke and mirrors aren’t just a cliché for them, but their everyday weapons of choice. I predicted the next distraction would be the Boy Scouts after reading a column going after them in the LA Times earlier this week. I was right.

Dear Bloggers – I know it is important to refute this crap as it comes up, but start hitting back by turning your articles back on Obama, the economy and what 4 more years of his policies would do to this country.

Our mantra should be:


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