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Freedom Tastes Delicious Edition

Let’s kick off this post with my own trip to Chik-Fil-A!

This post will be entirely made up of photos. There are more than I posted and you can see them all here. Be sure to hit the related links at the bottom for even MORE photos and related updates of Americans standing up for Chik-Fil-A!

This is the CFA down the road from my house… line was out the door!

As we were pulling out of the drive through, the line of cars had wrapped into the entrance road.

The line for the drive through was easily 20 cars deep. Parking lot was overflowing and people parked in adjacent business lots.

The line of cars as we left, spilling down into the access road.

CFA in Little Rock sent to me by a reader of LL1885

More from Little Rock

CFA in Colorado Springs taken by the Rocky Mountain Black Tea Party

CFA in East Texas taken by LL1885’s own infamous DevilDog

YUM YUM for DevilDog!

The line of cars waiting to pull into CFA from a reader in Wichita, Kansas

More from Wichita – so crowded they needed cops!

Another shot from Wichita. Cops directing traffic around the CFA!

Still busy into the evening in Conway, AK in this photo from another reader.

This one is the line at a CFA in Searcy, AR.

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