The 99% Letters Are Back…

Those annoying 99% style letters are back, only this time they are showing up as Reasons to Vote for Obama. From my inbox this morning:

Let’s see…

1. It’s a nation killing tax designed to force a single payer system via taxes on the middle class, that has little to do with improving healthcare. Doctors right and left are leaving the field, 1 in 10 employers plan to drop coverage for their employees and the costs of Obamacare keep getting revised upward and upward with more coming out of the woodwork as we finally read the bill to ‘find out what’s in it‘.

2. True on Iraq and Afghanistan (sort of), but he started 2 other wars  – without Congressional approval. If we wait a month more, we might get a 3rd with Iran.  Al Qaeda thanks the President for getting out of their way in Iraq so they hit Syria more easily. Obama’s pals, the Taliban, are glad to get back to strapping bombs to little kids and keeping their women subservient – or trying to kill them off.

3. There is no such thing as “free” preventative healthcare. Someone pays.

4. He signed Lilly Ledbetter, but doesn’t employ it in his own White House.

5. His clean energy jobs have been nothing but a giant tax payer funded boondoggle benefitting his donors and not this country. Hi, ever heard of Solyndra? FutureGen? In a nutshell, his clean and green energy drive is a scam.

6. With no Child Left Behind, he gave waivers to the states to opt out of portions of it, but not all of it. This is hardly ‘freeing’ our schools. Meanwhile, those waivers came with strings attached. He then turned around and signed an EO imposing race based discipline in our schools.

7. Ah, eat the rich had to be in that list somewhere. “Really, this is a no brainer” should read, “Really, I have no brain of my own”.  Even the CBO has debunked this one. If Obama is so bent on making the rich ‘pay their fair share’, then why hasn’t he come down on his pal Warren Buffett for the billion his company owes in back taxes? Perhaps that’s because the Buffett rule is just another empty and deceptive platitude that we’ve come to expect from Obama. It’s a gimmick that even the Democrat controlled Senate voted down.

8. In conclusion, Blame Bush. Sorry, but that excuse doesn’t play anymore. Don’t forget, Joe already told us the economy belongs to Obama, not Bush. Besides, Obama himself said, “we tried our plan —  and it worked.” Sustained 8.2% unemployment begs to differ. As for the “turning around the Titanic in a day” bit — perhaps Obama shouldn’t have added $5 trillion of his own to the debt. Obama didn’t even try to slow down the Titanic, he elected to shift to ramming speed — and he’s not slowing down.

This person voted for him before, they will do it again. In the face of the havoc this man has wrought on this Country, it is letters like theirs that keep me awake at night.

Like I say, facts are pesky things.  November will tell.

I am sure we will start seeing a few more of these Occupy/99% style letters pop up in the Obama Campaign. They love government dependent, faceless composites and these letters are the written equivalent.  After all, Occupy is Obama approved. I think this one better:

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