Flashback: Harry Reid’s ‘I think we should audit the Fed’ speech from 1995

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill passed quite handily this week in the House. Harry Reid is planning to kill it in the Senate:

On Wednesday, Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve was overwhelmingly passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.  The vote was 327 to 98.  You would think that a bill with such overwhelming support would easily become law.  But it won’t, because Barack Obama and the Democrats plan to kill it.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said that the Senate will not even consider the bill. (Hawaii Daily News)

Flashback – Reid was for auditing the Fed before he was against it.

Reid is far too occupied with how Romney ’embarrassed’ the US while in London this week anyway.  I’ve read the comments Romney made, if that’s considered embarassing or insulting then the UK needs thicker skin. Tensions are high with the Olympics going on and Romney made a nice moving target to distract from the terrorist arrests and sudden closing of the Olympic mall. Let’s not forget the Olympic Security staff arrested either. Romney’s concern about the 6,400 troops short was valid – it’s not a gaffe, it’s being accurate.  Besides, this moment was far more embarassing.

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