Dear Gun Control Hysterics…


This post is in no way meant to disparage the memory of any person who lost their lives in the shootings mentioned here. This is not trolling or marginalizing their deaths, it’s a blunt reaction to the knee-jerk calls for banning guns. I waited to post a reply to these reactions out of respect for the dead.

 Unfortunately a host of useful idiots, including Salman Rushdie, Jesse Jackson, Bill Maher, Mayor Bloomberg, Michael Moore, Roger Ebert the Huffington Post and others didn’t waste a moment exploiting this tragedy as being the fault of the gun and not the deranged sicko wielding it. Don’t even get me started on ABC’s Brian Ross. Very compassionate of them.

Guns didn’t cause the tragedy in Aurora, James Eagan Holmes did. If you want to be mad at someone, be mad at him.


So… gun control zealots? Where have you been for the last 7 months? There are 270 people dead in Chicago since the beginning of 2012 including the 3 from last night I have yet to write about. Why is only local media is covering it? Of all the cities in America, Chicago mirrors Gotham the closest. It’s corruption is legendary and is now under the watchful eye of The Penguin Rahm Emanuel. Where are the comparisons?

The number of dead there have far surpassed Tuscon, Fort Hood and Aurora combined. Where are the gun control hysterics? *CRICKETS*  Before anyone gets their panties in a twist, Chicago tried a gun buy back recently. Didn’t help. Why? Because legal gun owners turning over their guns isn’t the problem. Why is it whenever there is gun violence, the gun control nuts come after those who legally own guns? Yeah, disarming the responsible citizens is the answer. Whatever.

Anytime there is a multiple victim violent act such as what we’ve witnessed in Aurora or in Tuscon, gun control nuts come out of the woodwork. Predictably with the same recycled lines ‘our laws are flaws and weak’. Newsflash: Gun laws are not flawed, people are. You can regulate weapons, but there is really no way to regulate crazy. By the way, Holmes bought his weapons legally. Then there is the popular ‘people shouldn’t be able to own guns in the first place’. We shouldn’t be able to own guns? The Second Amendment disagrees with you. Don’t like guns? Don’t own one, but don’t tell me or anyone else they can’t own one either. Barack Obama and Eric Holder certainly had no problem giving guns away and illegally to boot.

The theater was a weapon free zone, meaning no concealed carry allowed. A lot of people have chimed in wondering what would have happened had someone been able to fire back.  Who knows – it was a dark theater and Holmes allegedly threw some kind of smoke bomb. It’s possible someone could have at least slowed him down had they been carrying concealed. The required training and courses required to be given a concealed carry permit are rigorous and even the elderly are able to handle themselves in similar situations. Let’s not forget Jeanne Assam of Colorado when discussing concealed carry either.



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