Aurora Horror: James Eagan Holmes (Updates)

What do you write about something you can barely believe?

I have little to add to what is already out there. I’ve posted a few links on my Facebook page for LL1885, but have given little commentary. Unlike a lot of people out there in the blog and media world, I paid attention to the Tuscon and Anders Breivik feeding frenzy and the rush to judgment in both cases.  I’m sitting tight until more comes to light about this guy. The one thing I will say: Brian Ross, you’re a monumentally irresponsible idiot.

Image Via 9 News, Denver

I do have links I’ve collected. They are presented without comment save their ‘categories’, as the headlines for some of them speak for themselves. I applaud both President Obama and Mitt Romney for pulling their ads from Colorado today. Politics can wait a day, indeed. Many did not take that advice. * Updates to this post will occur as more information comes in.

The best source of information on this horrific event is via the local station KUSA 9 News Denver.

Update: July 21 – I’m having a hard time writing about this, I apologize for only posting links.

The Victims:

Naval Veteran Jonathan Blunk – 26

AJ Boik – 18

Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress – 29

Gordon Cowden – 51

Jessica Ghawi –  24

Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer – 27

Matt McQuin – 27

Micayla Medek – 23

Veronica Moser – 6 (linked at Twitchy, Thank you.)

Alex Sullivan – 27

Alex Teves –  24

Rebecca Wingo – 32


Statements & Press Releases:

The Rush to Judgment:

Politicizing Grief:

That’s just sick:


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