Mooch’s Excellent Aspen Adventure

The the bill is in for the First Grifter’s Aspen getaway: $83,182.99

Nothing is too good for the First Hamburglar!

Over 83k for an Aspen Get-away… thank God they stayed at a Bundler’s house to save us a buck!

From Breitbart:

How much would a weekend trip skiing trip to Aspen, Colorado, cost you? If you’re Michelle Obama and her two daughters, would you believe over $83,000?

Believe it. Over President’s Day weekend in February of this year, Michelle took her two daughters skiing in Aspen — and the cost was $83,182.99

You heard that correctly. $83,182.99.

Among the costs were:

  • U.S. Secret Service, including accommodations at the Fasching Haus deluxe condominium and the Inn at Aspen: $48,950.38.
  • Cost for the flight, per official DOD published hourly rates: $22,583.70.
  • Food and miscellaneous items on the flight: $235.44.
  • Rental cars: $6,442.23.

By the way, this was the 16th vacation in three years for the Obamas. You think you’re overworked? Try their travel agent.

Then again, this was chump change for the Obamas. Remember how much it cost when Michelle Obama vacationed in Spain in August 2010? $467,585.

Or her June 2011 trip to South Africa and Botswana? $424,142.

Is there any limit to the perks that Obama and his family will enjoy at the expense of the American people?

Definitely no limit, as MOTUS shared with us at the time of Mooch’s trip. MOTUS sure called this one and describes where The FLOTUS and girls stayed:

Then it was on to Aspen; home of Colorado seasonal home bundlers Jim and Paula Crown from the Chicago Crown dynasty. Surprisingly, seats at the luncheon ran $1000 for the cheap seats to $10,000 per couple for an upgraded lunch and photo op. Really good value compared to the $38,000 they were getting for the top priced seats for breakfast in Park City! That can  mean only one thing: the Wons intend to hit the Aspen crowd up again later in the election cycle.

That should likewise give you a little hint as to where Lady M plans to spend next winter’s ski vacation with the “girls.”

Just look at that form!
Have to work off those pounds from the vaycay a few weeks ago in Hawaii!

I’m shocked she didn’t find a way to fit a boob belt into this outfit. It’s probably under the coat.

I can’t say it better than the Mail Online:

Well it has been a whole month! Just weeks after 17-day Hawaii vacation Michelle hits the slopes with daughters on Aspen ski trip


UPDATE: Linked by Michelle Obama’s Mirror (MOTUS) in her excellent post, The Case of the Composite Birth Certificate. Hit it!

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3 Responses to Mooch’s Excellent Aspen Adventure

  1. Scott says:

    Amazing. $48K for lodging for SS for a weekend? $6K for rental cars?!!?! WTF? All this when many of us can only afford a “Staycation”. Bastards.


  2. cali says:

    Nice work!
    Why do these grifters wonder that we can’t stand them nor like them? If they continue on that pace, I have a hard time not hating them.
    Let’s make sure that they get thrown out of the white house this upcoming election!


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