Great Moments In #FORWARD

Obama put out a new ad today called “Makes you Wonder“.

It’s now official that whoever is running the Obama campaign are Class A morons.  I can keep recycling the same rebuttals over and over on transparency at this rate. The average person seeing this ad will say, ‘well wait a minute.. why SHOULD Romney when Obama’s shown us nothing?’  Not only that, but the attempt to distract from 8.2% sustained unemployment is clearly not working. Newsflash: Alinksy attacks won’t work anymore, but thank you for throwing the door wide open, yet AGAIN, to go after President Transparency on a laundry list of things he’s been oh-so open about.

Where are all your school records? Occidental? Columbia? Harvard?

Why you and Michelle surrendered your law licenses? Don’t tell me you went to Harvard then decided suddenly the annual fees were too much or you decided to retire. What utter crap.

What about those secret talks with Blagojevich? I thought you had no contact with him?

How about your Senatorial emails?

How about the video from you dinner with Rashid Khalidi?

Why won’t you show the Bin Laden photos?

Why are you holding meetings with lobbyists across the street from the White House?

What are you hiding on the Fast and Furious? Why did you seal the border agent’s records?

I’ll say.


CNN: Obama Far from the transparency President he claims to be

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ACLU: Obama admin authorizing Agencies to lie

Barack Obama’s Lost Years

What is Obama hiding?


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