Occupy The DNC: Secret Service To Erect Barriers

It’s not enough to have a lottery, designated march route and scheduled stage speaking times two blocks away. We need barriers. Big ones.

Not really surprised, just amused at the timing of the story on the heels of the protest lottery. Most conventions of this size have some barriers of this type. Who can blame them given the miscreants training up to violently disrupt them?

From the Charlotte Observer:

Two miles of concrete barriers. More than five miles of 9-foot “anti-scale” steel fence.

Nearly eight miles of lightweight metal barriers, and portable vehicle barriers designed to withstand the impact of a 15,000-pound vehicle at 50 mph.

These are some of items the Secret Service is seeking to protect the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, according to a federal government contract request released this week.

The Secret Service’s proposal lists four Charlotte sites that will be secured for the convention, to be held Sept. 4-7.

Three of the sites are uptown: Time Warner Cable Arena, which will host the first two days of the DNC; Bank of America Stadium, the site of President Obama’s expected acceptance speech; and the Charlotte Convention Center, which will host the media.

The fourth site slated for concrete barriers and anti-scale fencing is an empty warehouse near Charlotte Douglas International Airport, at 3300 Oak Lake Boulevard. The Secret Service request doesn’t say who will use the building.

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