Chicago Warzone Update: Release of Low-Level Prisoners

Is this part of Mayor Emanuel and Police Chief McCarthy’s great plan to stop the mounting deaths in Chicago?

6 more were wounded overnight, by the way.

Chicago Sun-Times:

At a time when the Cook County Jail is filling up, the push is on to release suspects awaiting trial in low-level nonviolent offenses.

So a plan is under way to quickly review cases where jailed suspects have a low cash bond, such as $2,000, but can’t afford to post the required 10 percent or $200 to walk out the door, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke said at a news conference Thursday.

“[T]he judge has already made the determination ­— a low-risk defendant has had a low bond set and/or [is placed on electronic monitoring] consequently that defendant should be out,” Burke told reporters.

Catch and release. Perfect.

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