Occupy The Democrat National Convention – Part 2

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is rapidly approaching. I posted recently about the winners of the protest lottery that the city of Charlotte set up in an effort to keep some law and order. The list of the winners was announced and the usual suspects were on it – Occupy, Socialist outfits and pro-pot groups. There were also some individuals listed. It was these solo name that caught my curiosity, so I dug. Here is what I came up with:

Scottie Wingfield:  Active member of Occupy Charlotte; “Scottie W” has made posts on their website front page including hosting an event on ‘organizing’ for the DNC event. He (Update 7/26 H/T Sister Toldjah: or rather SHE) was arrested at the Bank of America Protest in May along with five others. From WBTV:

Keenan Altic, 27, Matthew Pence, 34, Johnny Rosa, 49, Steven Norris, 68, Gregory Yost, 45, and Scottie Wingfield, 36, were all arrested.

Five were charged with second degree trespassing when they tried to jump a barricade and enter the shareholders meeting.

Wingfield was charged with impeding traffic.

Heather Epes: A rather verbose Occupier out of the Chapel Hill/Carborro area. It would appear she is the leader or a main organizer of occupy in that region.  She has a Facebook Page too. My search also showed a Heather Epes involved in illegal aliens rights groups and a protest of a KKK rally. I cannot be sure it’s the same Heather Epes, however. Comments on Occupy Chapel Hill Facebook here.  From the Daily Tarheel:

Heather Epes, a Carrboro resident, said the raid and arrests on Sunday gave the group a chance to reevaluate their goals and tactics.

“We had this very jarring thing happen,” she said. “We’ve had a chance to take a big breath.”

She said she will still support the occupation.

“In some ways, I feel I have been occupying my whole life,” she said.

John Rudisill: Member of Occupy Charlotte. He’s also a lawyer according to his Facebook Page.

Michael Zytkow: Member of Occupy Charlotte. After checking on him, I would say he is the main spokesperson and/or a prominent member of it.  From WCNC.com (video at link):

Occupy Charlotte participants hold a news conference Tuesday, Feb. 07, 2012, at the plaza of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center to speak out against what they call a ‘DNC Fever’ among local officials. Michael Zytkow, a member of Occupy Charlotte, said the group wants to put a spotlight on activities tied to planning for the Democratic National Convention that they feel are not in the best interest of residents.

From Charlotte Magazine:

Rhiannon Fionn profiles the Occupy Charlotte movement and one of its most visible members, Michael Zytkow. He is an entrepreneur, but Occupy has awakened his inner activism. To me, this is one of the more fascinating elements of our little Occupy outpost. Who knows if the protests are really accomplishing anything? But the gathering is providing opportunities for people like Zytkow to become engaged with the city. Zytkow is even contemplating joining the machine—he’s pondering a run for Charlotte City Council.

Edward Messer: The only one I was not able to find more information on.

Four Individuals signed up and won spots. Three of the four are confirmed as tied to Occupy. Perhaps they signed up under their own names to better their odds of being selected in the ‘lottery’?  I wondered if this was a way to bring a bigger occupy presence in under the radar and if there was a person limit to those attending with the groups who did win the lottery positions they were trying to get around. I check the city’s guidelines and didn’t see a per group person limit, perhaps that’s listed in the actual permit the attendees will receive. I did see that you need ID to attend:

All permit holders must bring the permit and a photo ID to the parade assembly area or speakers platform location.

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