Occupy The Democrat National Convention

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is fast approaching.  The Occupoopers have applied and NC’s Occupy NCSU has won a spot. Charlotte has set up a specific route, place and time slot allotment for the protesters to use their First Amendment rights.  The city earlier this year set up an ordinance specifically aimed at curtailing protests like Occupy from happening. Minutes from the Charlotte City Council on it are here. Charlotte doesn’t want to see it turn into Seattle or Chicago. Chicago planned for NATO for quite a long time, but that didn’t seem to matter. Personally, I think the City of Charlotte is fooling themselves.

From CNN with emphasis added:

(CNN) – Winners of a lottery Monday in North Carolina won’t be expecting big checks–but assigned protest times at the Democratic National Convention in September.

The city of Charlotte held a live lottery for those wanting to demonstrate at the convention as a way to organize the more than 40 applications for permits.

Conventions are known as a prime real estate for protests and rallies. At this year’s DNC, held Sept. 4-6, those wishing to demonstrate have two options in terms of location: The designated parade route and site’s speakers platform.

According to the city, 16 groups or individuals applied for the parade route, while 25 applied for the speakers platform spot that week.

The city is allowing up to six daily time slots (40 minutes each) for the parade route and up to 20 slots (30 minutes each) for the platform for a total of 78 slots, meaning all of those who applied will be granted at least one slot to demonstrate.

So who’s on the list?

Among the smattering, Charlotte Atheists and Agnostics was allotted the 6 p.m. time at the speakers’ platform on Tuesday (Sept 4), while Occupy NCSU (North Carolina Statue University) is scheduled to appear one hour earlier.

GreedOutofWeed.org, a pro-Obama group that advocates the legalization of medical marijuana, was granted a 40-minute slot at the parade on Thursday. Another group supportive of the president, Doctors for America, will also demonstrate at the parade that day.

North Carolina Values Coalition, a group that bills itself as a grassroots network that supports and advocates “pro-family positions,” was assigned the 5 p.m. spot on Thursday at the speakers platform.

Just look at that partial list of whacky lefties. I’m still trying to find the full list of approved protesters. The DNC in Charlotte site has the lottery announcement but no list of who won. UPDATE: The list is hereRaleigh FIST is one of them. Cool, now the socialists are represented properly.

Note that on the DNC in Charlotte site, they use the term “Free Speech Activities”. Good thing we have those lottery drawn time slots and protest parade routes so “Free Speech Activities” can proceed. We even have a protest parade route tour guide video:

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