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Romney ‘most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon’


Excuse me while I finish laughing and wiping the tears from my eyes.  Whew. That’s hilarious. This Administration is so desperate and myopic, it’s now lampooning itself almost daily.

From The Hill:

David Axelrod, one of President Obama’s senior campaign strategists, on Friday compared Mitt Romney to former President Richard Nixon, suggesting Romney’s penchant for secrecy is similar to that of the only U.S. president forced to resign due to scandal.

“This is the most secretive candidate since Richard Nixon,” Axelrod, appearing on “CBS This Morning,” said of Romney.

“What happened after Nixon is we as a country said we need a higher level of disclosure, so people know who their candidates are, what their entanglements are, and we can make judgments on it,” he continued. “Gov. Romney and his campaign have stonewalled and are trying to turn the clock back 50 years on transparency and disclosure.”

Hit the link, there’s video of Axelrod actually saying this stuff. Romney’s put everything out there, Axelrod. Your insinuations are just that, insinuations. You’ve got nada to work with so it’s smear time. Continue talking though, you’re doing a superb job of throwing boomerangs.

Nixon? Really? Secretive? Stonewalled? Like how transparent Obama was on Solyndra? Or do you mean like Eric Holder and President Obama have been doing for the past year on Fast and Furious? Sealing the records and invoking Executive Privilege? Yes, their transparency sure is evolving.

Read much more about secretiveness and transparency under this administration here. Oh, more here too. While you’re at it, also check these links out as well.

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