Chicago Warzone Update: 12 More Shot Overnight

At some point, someone will sit up and take notice of what’s going on in Chicago and yell “FIRE!” Until then, I will keep posting on the escalating violence in Chicago. I just updated yesterday and reported that there were three more dead and seven more injured bringing the death toll to 267.

Twelve more people were shot last night across the city, the Chicago Tribune reports:

Twelve people, including a 14-year-old boy, were wounded by gunfire across the city Friday night and Saturday morning.

The teen was shot in the 12400 block of South Perry Avenue in the West Pullman neighborhood about 8:35 p.m. He was shot in the back and leg and taken to Comer Children’s Hosptial, where he’s in stable condition, police said. He was standing on the sidewalk when someone stepped out from between houses and started shooting.

The report goes on to list all the known victims. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the police are using the “right strategy“, but that’s not stopping Police Chief McCarthy from rolling out a ‘Minority Report-like‘ tactic. Somehow,  I am unshocked at this new strategy given that McCarthy also blamed pilgrims for the violence.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports; emphasis mine:

Police Supt. Garry McCarthy — hailed as a “Braveheart”-like folk hero after getting out on the streets and leading his troops during the NATO Summit protests in May — is on the hot seat. His key strategy — doing away with mobile strike forces, which formerly were sent out to crime hot spots, and putting more cops back on the beat — has been called a failure by some.

Now, McCarthy is preparing to roll out a new tactic.

Social scientists who have studied murder say they’ve gotten to a point where they can predict who is most likely to become a victim of homicide.

McCarthy wants to take that further. He’s laying plans to have his officers study criminals’ social networks to identify likely killers before they kill.

“It’s going to change the way we do police work,” McCarthy said.

He said other tactics he’s put in place already are paying dividends. On the West Side, for instance, in the Harrison District, the number of murders is actually down this year — by about 40 percent through the end of June.

Uh, isn’t that called Profiling?

Meanwhile on the South side, the funeral for 7 year-old Heaven Sutton is being  held.

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