Illegal Alien Enters Alford Plea In NC Court

Remember the Illegal Aliens who disrupted the NC General Assembly and were arrested back in February of this year?


One of the Illegal Aliens arrested that day appeared in Wake county court July 2nd. Well, sort of – he was late to his own hearing and a paralegal had to enter an Alford plea for him. He could be on time to protest the NCGA but not for his own court date. Nice.

From the News and Observer:

RALEIGH — Uriel Alberto, one of three illegal immigrants who tried to send a message months ago by interrupting a legislative hearing, had hoped to get his say in court on Monday.

But the 25-year-old Mexican native was late and missed his opportunity for a trial in Wake County District Court.

Instead, the paralegal from Winston-Salem entered an Alford plea, agreeing there was enough evidence to convict him, but not acknowledging guilt. His attorney Scott Holmes immediately appealed, a legal maneuver that sends the case to Superior Court and offers Alberto another opportunity for a trial.

Judge Erin Graber, who presided over the case on Monday, admonished Alberto for being late. She told him there were other ways than disrupting legislative hearings to get his message across.

Though Graber had issued an arrest warrant Monday morning when Alberto was not present, she and the prosecutors agreed not to arrest him after he arrived an hour late.

Alberto said his tardiness represents one of many vexing issues confronting a generation of illegal immigrants. Brought here as children by parents seeking a better life, many consider themselves Americans in their hearts and minds, but without the rights of citizenship.

Alberto said he had to have someone drive him to Raleigh from his home in Winston-Salem because he cannot get a driver’s license in this country.

Alberto, who was arrested at the State Legislative Building on Feb. 29 with two others, decided to step out of the shadows so legislators debating immigration policies could attach faces to issues that stir impassioned debate.

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