Apologize for What?

I was cleaning out old comments, spam and checking site stat information this afternoon when I ran across a trackback to a forum  called Del Rio Soapbox. Unfamiliar with it, I hit the trackback and found myself in a comments thread. Someone had linked to an image I used a long while back of the 5 pillars of liberal idiocy. The posts following it only proved the image thesis.

Hey Aunt Bea – you’re a walking breathing example of that image. You made the following comment:

The entire statement made me laugh with its amazing hypocrisy. I disagree with liberalism therefore I am hateful and nasty, however it’s perfectly fine for you to assail someone who disagrees with you as hateful and nasty. You just demonstrated liberal logic perfectly. Do as I say, not as I do. Got it. Thank you.

Let’s see what is shameful behavior, which really is saying anything that a liberal disagrees with:

  • Being a Conservative
  • Using Facts
  • Stating the truth
  • Not using the state approved Politically Correct terminology
  • Not politely using a knife and fork to eat the plates of BS liberals dish up

By the way,  here is the comment you are referring to yet didn’t bother with the details since it did not fit your narrative about shaming:


My heart breaks when there is no desire to connect with people who think differently – just a desire to demonize. Why does conservatism mean that you have to speak your “truth” with such venom? May God bless and keep your soul. Respectfully submitted. Kelli

Conservatism doesn’t mean speaking the truth with “venom”, that is something you assigned to it. Facts and the truth often are confused for being demonizing by those who resent hearing them. The Left has made it clear they do not wish to connect at all, but instead to dictate. What you see here in this blog is a refusal to take it anymore.

Respectfully, take your politically correct attempt to shame me elsewhere.

I reject the use of shaming in Kelli’s statement to me. Her holier than thou attitude and language choices show she has no intent on having an open dialogue because she disagrees with what I have to say, therefore there must be something wrong with me. May God have mercy on my soul!

I sat quietly for over a decade watching liberal idiots with their everyone gets a ‘you’re special’ trophy mentality run amok through this county. Their methods have not changed in all that time either. You either agree with them or you’re a racist, a hater, a bigot or any host of derogatory names. Well, two years ago I woke up. I stopped nodding and smiling when someone said something I disagreed with.  I’m straight forward and polite when someone is also acting in kind.  As for Aunt Bea the internet forum admin tough guy, you and your ilk can all get bent.  The Left is done dictating the narrative in this country. I’m sure that standing up for myself just now was hateful and nasty too. I should be ashamed. *insert cartoon like eye rolling here*

I’ve got one last thing to say to all the liberal trolls out there regarding this blog and the content posted herein:


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