Revisiting the OccuBombers

Support for the Cuyahoga 5, also known as the Cleveland 5 even though there were Seven of them, has not diminished.  Their supporters were on display at #NATGAT in Philadelphia this weekend. Check out the Occupy Apologists defending the ‘alleged terrorists’ in the video below.

“There’s nothing wrong with blowing up a bridge.”

The trial for the Cleveland 5 is set for September 17th.

The media has conveniently forgotten all the other bombings, including the NATO 2012 plot in Chicago. We didn’t really hear about their arraignment where they were charged with 11 counts each with bail at $1.5 million each, now did we? The national media mostly blew it off and have since swept it under the carpet, but the local media added just the right amount of spin:

I’m posting just a few links of the ‘explosive’ and object tossing activities (sans glitter bombs) here as a reminder:

May Day


Chicago – NATO

Urine, Feces and other ‘homemade’ Bombs

The White House


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