Alec Baldwin, Mayor of Crazytown Update

The Mayor of Crazy Town is in the news again.



Alex Baldwin has gone after yet another photographer. This time Baldwin grabbed the photographer by the arm and began to verbally abuse him, finishing the row off by telling the photographer, “you’re a little girl.” Baldwin managed all of this with a pink teddy bear tucked under his arm through the whole exchange. Jim Treacher over at the DC Trawler has the video:

Mayor Alec Baldwin and his pink teddy bear reach out to yet another photographer

The fun didn’t end there this weekend for Baldwin, he also got married to a 28 year old yoga instructor. Another photographer got a snarl out of Baldwin that day as well (NY Post):

The couple emerged from the home a short while later with Baldwin’s 16-year-old daughter, Ireland, and two other teens for a walk to Washington Square Park.

At one point, Baldwin snarled at a reporter: “You’re gonna walk away now. You’re not going to follow us.”

Baldwin has decided that he doesn’t like anyone following him anywhere and deleted his Twitter account – for a second time.


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