It’s the day after the SCOTUS ruling. The world did not end. Quite the opposite. The Final Verdict has recharged the issue. Hope is restored and the atmosphere and ideas of 2010 has come roaring back with twice the furor. Mr. Liberty said to me that ‘Roberts hit the time-travel button back to 2010‘ and he’s right. Oh by the way, going forward, ObamaCare will be known as ObamaTax.

Romney raises $4 million following SCOTUS ruling

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Opinions from Conservatives are all over the map trying to figure out how and why Roberts voted as he did. After about 15 minutes of muttering and sputtering, I collected my thoughts and set to memorializing the turn of events here on the blog.  Mr. Liberty and I also chatted a bit about it and came to the same general consensus that Professor Reynolds did over at Instapundit –  This was a sort of Marbury moment. (See Prof. Reynold’s Follow Up here.)  It would seem Erick Erickson sees things similarly and is not down on Roberts.  The ruling gives us quite a lot of wiggle room to get this thing repealed and definitely an opportunity to defund it. Overall, it’s made Obama’s signature piece a signature tax:

What tickles me about the ruling is the rather obvious slap down of the President – by an unelected group of people. Jonah Goldberg makes the point far more eloquently than I ever could:

To reach this decision, Roberts had to embrace a position denied by the White House, Congress, and vast swaths of the legal punditocracy: that the mandate is a tax for the purposes of constitutional consideration but not a tax according to the Anti-Injunction Act (which bars lawsuits against taxes until after they’re levied). Roberts’s effort, wrote Justice Antonin Scalia in dissent, “carries verbal wizardry too far, deep into the forbidden land of the sophists.”

Let the record show that the sophists were valued defenders of entrail-reading.

Of course, there are substantive arguments in favor of Roberts’s reasoning. But as far as I can tell, no one is confident, never mind certain, that Roberts actually believes his own position. And among supporters of Obamacare, from the White House on down, no one cares whether he does.

President Obama — self-praised constitutional scholar — mocked those who called the fees and penalties under Obamacare a tax. Now he celebrates a decision that mocks him back. Democratic National Committee executive director (and former White House aide) Patrick Gaspard seemed to summarize the depth of concern on his side of the aisle when he responded to the ruling on Twitter: “it’s constitutional. B—-es.”

Read the whole piece here. Then go check out the mind-boggling new Ad Obama’s campaign just put out. This administration is damned by the judgment and optics Gods – or they’re just that stupid. Perhaps both.

Obama now resides over the biggest tax hike ever, busting another one of his empty promise bubbles:

Obama and his staff are still staying so classy over the ruling. No gloating at all..well maybe some. Oh and some death threats.:

I’ve compiled a few useful columns on the ruling as well:

This video by ReasonTV is also worth your time:

Well, the fires are re-ignited. Try selling that Hope and Change now, Mr. President.

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UPDATE:  Ben Howe of course has the perfect video.


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  2. Hello says:

    Oh what a difference one week makes:
    1. Romney now slipping, Obama gaining, in the polls.
    2. ObamaCare Ruling is particularly problematic for Romney.
    3. ObamaCare Ruling plays particularly to Palin’s strengths.
    (Romney/Palin ’12 or else Romney’s going down to defeat)

    • I don’t see him picking Palin nor do I see her putting her hat in the ring. It’s going to likely be Paul Ryan. I dpn’t think the obamatax ruling had much to do with the poll shift as evidenced by the 4+ million Romney raised in the hours following the ruling.

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