NYT’s Charles Blow Is A Bully

This morning’s spit-take is courtesy of Charles Blow of the NY Times.

Saw this story and headline at NRO, emphasis added is mine:

Charles Blow Links Verbal Attack on Bus Monitor to the GOP


“Making the Bus Monitor Cry.”

That’s the name of the video. It’s more than 10 minutes long, but if you make it through more than three of them with your eyes not getting misty and your blood not boiling then you are a rock, or at least your heart is.

The video shows Karen Klein, a 68-year-old grandmother and bus monitor in upstate New York, being relentlessly tormented by a group of young boys.

They hurl profanities. One asks for her address because he says he wants to go urinate on her door. Others are more explicit about defiling her.

One boy tells her that she doesn’t have a family because “they all killed themselves because they didn’t want to be near you.” (Her eldest son committed suicide.)

One suggests that if he were to stab her, his knife would go through her “like butter.”

Since the video was posted to YouTube, there has been an outpouring of shock and outrage.

An online campaign set up to raise $5,000 to send Klein on a vacation had raised more than $500,000 by midday Friday, Klein has made the media circuit recounting her ordeal and some of the children have apologized.

But what, if anything, does this say about society at large? Many things one could argue, but, for me, it is a remarkably apt metaphor for this moment in the American discourse in which hostility has been drawn out into the sunlight.

Those boys are us, or at least too many of us: America at it’s ugliest. It is that part of society that sees the weak and vulnerable as worthy of derision and animus.

This kind of behavior is not isolated to children and school buses and suburban communities. It stretches to the upper reaches of society — our politics and our pulpits and our public squares.

Whether it is a Republican debate audience booing a gay soldier or Rush Limbaugh’s vicious attack on a female Georgetown law student or Newt Gingrich’s salvos at the poor, bullying has become boilerplate. Hiss and taunt. Tease and intimidate. Target your enemies and torture them mercilessly. Maintain primacy through predation.

Further down, there’s this gem:

Women are under attack. Hispanics are under attack. Minority voting rights are under attack. The poor are under attack. Unsurprisingly, those doing the attacking in every case are from the right.

Are you kidding me?

Women under attack – I’m a woman and I can tell you I am not under attack, except from Democrats who want me dependent on the State for my every feminine need. This “war” was orchestrated by the Left and opening test case was Komen. The rest is just repetitive rhetoric and talking points. It’s a distraction tactic. Period.

Hispanics under attack – Who was it that if they had a son they would look like Trayvon? Whose economy has increased unemployment of Hispanics to record levels?

Poor under attack – Yes, they are. BY OBAMA. Where are the jobs? Why is gas still over $3? Food prices are creeping higher and higher. Our houses are worth less each year – IF we have one still. It’s his economy.

Dear Mr. Blow….

You’re a biased hack and am irresponsible jackwagon. The Obama administration, the Democrats and the Left in general have attempted to silence opposition for decades by employing various bullying tactics and the use of political correctness.

Booing a Gay Soldier? Debunked.

Rush had it wrong. She’s not a slut. Sandra Fluke is an idiot.  Three grand a year? How much sex was this woman having? Any 32-year-old ‘student’ who can’t figure out her own birth control finances is an idiot. By the way, how’s that #StopRush Campaign going?

Newt Gingrich’s salvos? Blow means Gingrich’s wanting to empower people with jobs so they can get off food stamps? Yeah, really horrible that idea is.

Turning back to the opening shot, at least these are living people Blow decides to target.

Target your enemies and torture them mercilessly. Maintain primacy through predation.

Does Blow mean like Obama’s Bullying adviser, Dan Savage?

What a great example he sets for protecting the gay community too:

Mr. Blow, I could post hundreds of links to Liberal hate, bullying and attempts to shut up those who disagree with them but our own column is a case study in it. Instead of a list of links, I’ll leave you with just a few on the pinnacle of modern bullying: Brett Kimberlin.



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