Great Moments In #FORWARD

Obama Campaign Sees Red In May



From Yahoo News – The Ticket:

President Barack Obama’s campaign spent more than it took in over the month of May despite his frenetic fundraising schedule, leaving the massive operation with just shy of $110 million dollars cash on hand against $115 million one month earlier.

The embattled incumbent scooped up a hair over $39 million dollars but spent nearly $44.6 million, according to a formal filing with the Federal Election Commission. A more detailed breakdown can be found here.

Huh. Imagine that! President Obama spending more money than he has. Looks like he ordered too many martinis and steaks. What did he spend 44.6 Million on? From the list of disbursements by payee, the top pay outs went to:

GMMB, Inc. ($28,305,828.11), You need to see their website. Creepy.

Bully Pulpit Interactive LLC ($5,129,228.58 ) The name alone made me shake my head.

Microsoft ($2,922,849.16), that’s a LOT of software.

ADP ($1,199,782.15 ), small wonder he’s trying to get kids to volunteer for free.

Fuse, Inc. ($757,500.00 ), another PR firm.

So, a creepy PR/Marketing firm, a digital PR firm, software, payroll and another marketing firm. Where did that get him? 4 points behind Romney in the polls. Money well spent.


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