Obama The Outsourcer

The Obama campaign launched an ad trying to attack Romney as a big outsourcer of American jobs with a new video, called “Come and Go”:

But I thought the private sector was “doing just fine”?  Let’s just forget while watching this ad that Obama’s green jobs program lost $567 million between Beacon and Solyndra alone.

Much like MSNBC, the Obama campaign as left all the real information on the cutting room floor, making this yet another boomerang attack – hitting Obama on jobs he’s sent overseas himself and jobs he’s failed to create at home and will continue to fail to help create at home if he continues on his current policy path. His amnesty by fiat isn’t helping either. This ad isn’t much different than another the Obama team ran in Ohio, Iowa and Virginia. Obama is still trying to hit Romney on Bain, despite the utter failure of said type of attack noted by both parties. Even the layman knows that Bain is a venture capital group, part of the nature of that is doing business overseas. Like Hollywood, they are out of ideas.

Like good little media lapdogs, this article at from ABC posted at Yahoo! only vets the claim against Romney and doesn’t look at Obama’s record at all. They used FactCheck.org and Politifact to check the information for them. Typical Liberal reporters, letting someone else (who agrees with them) do their job for them.  I guess it’s lucky for the rest of us Obama’s budget didn’t get a single yes vote, since in 2010 he sought to shut down the International Comparison division of the BLS. We know how he loves to have no records of his past doings available, now don’t we?

His “green loans“, drilling moratorium, and subsidy sprees in foreign countries are among a few reasons why jobs are going  overseas at an alarming rate. Some useful reading on the whole Green Fail situation Green Jobs program failure and Green Jobs Boondoggle. Also, it’s worth noting who gained from this boondoggle.

The Obama campaign is doing what we all hoped they would try – running on their disastrous record.

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