Dear @iboudreau – Screenshots are forever

Ian Boudreau, who works for the EPA in Raleigh, NC is happy Andrew Breitbart died. So happy he tweeted it. Then deleted it.


Screenshots are forever, Mr. Boudreau. Thank you though, for proving Breitbart’s point about the Left with your now deleted tweet. Clown. Here’s his FB page.

UPDATE: Mr. Boudreau thinks this is hilarious. He wants us all to feel stupid that he is only a CONTRACTOR and doesn’t work for the actual EPA, but the fact remains that his deleted tweet shows what an assclown coward he is.

UPDATE II: Read more of his hilarity at Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

UPDATE III:  What a hero. Took  him less than 5 minutes to block me. Looks like he can dish it cheering the death of someone else, but can’t take the heat for his own words. Typical.

UPDATE IV: A clown who commented on this post (see below) as Godsownlow also made the same comment to me on Twitter. Yes, I have the screenshot in case he deletes his link like his coward pal, Ian.

UPDATE V: Oh, now he’s sorry.

Puck keeps running his mouth, each time proving Andrew Breitbart correct:

He has an Urban Dictionary entry for Breitbart as well. That figured, being the classy, intellectual type that Puck is:



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12 Responses to Dear @iboudreau – Screenshots are forever

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  2. pablo4200 says:

    Ian is going to look just like Al Franken when he grows up. I’d be bitter too.


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  5. Jello says:

    I’m glad the irritating lying sack of offal is dead too. I was glad the moment I heard it. I remain glad. I just wish it had been a slower, more painful and humiliating death.


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