Obama In History: Jobs

Insert THIS into the Presidential bios, Mr. Obama.

From Political Math:


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Promises, Promises.

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3 Responses to Obama In History: Jobs

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  2. Ah yes, more fun with numbers. Of course this ignores that when Obama stepped into office the US was loosing jobs at a rate of over 3/4 million a month. A decline his poicies not only stopped within 6 months but turned to job growth. Of course those simple, real facts don’t jibe with the picture you want to paint…


    • It’s 4 years later. His policies had little to nothing to do with the mere 4 million gained but everything do to with the 4 million LOST under his stewardship. That’s not even taking into the account the number in the workforce has plummeted. Peddle your excuses elsewhere.


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