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Disposable Income Edition

Doug Ross has a chart this morning from James Pethokoukis:


We are most definitely NOT better off than we were four years ago.

Doug Ross points us to two more charts:

Small wonder his budget didn’t garner a single Yes vote.

Also, this:

Doug has this commentary from Paul Miller under the chart:

“About 65 percent of federal expenditures over the last ten years have gone towards entitlements,” Paul Miller writes. “By comparison, about 15 percent has gone towards national defense, excluding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq has cost three percent, and only about one percent has gone towards the war in Afghanistan (including the cost of ongoing military operations and all reconstruction and stabilization assistance combined), according to my analysis of figures from OMB.”

In other words, Miller says, “Afghanistan is the second-cheapest major war in U.S. history as a percentage of GDP, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

That’s stunning.

So, our diminishing disposable income to Obama is ‘shared sacrifice’ aimed at funding entitlements and increasing the deficit beyond that of any other President.  This is what he means by ‘shared sacrifice’ and paying our fair share?


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