Celebrity ‘Experts’ Meet with Obama

Celebrity Experts Advise Obama

Celebrity experts is an oxymoron. Stress on the moron part.

We can all just relax now. Obama’s got his crack team of environmental experts up at the White House advising him. Captain Eyeliner, Transparency Girl and Spiteful Sexy Vampire are all there watching out for us!

Apparently consulting with his tween daughters is not enough. Twitchy has the story and pictures about such great thinkers as Jared Leto, habitual eyeliner abuser, and big brain Ian Somerhalder, who at 33 is playing a deranged vampire in an obsessive love triangle with a high scho0ler and his own brother. Calm down fans, I like the Vampire Diaries too, but it’s not for the eco-messages.


Well, Mr. Somerhalder is quite persuasive. Now we know why Obama turned down the Keystone Pipeline – “it’s dirty and we don’t need it”. Those out of work and paying sustained gas prices over $3.50 disagree, Ian.

Jessica Alba, of the critically acclaimed ‘Fantastic Four’, was also on hand. She really gave a tour de force performance there! Clearly, she was not selected for that role for her brains.  Out of the list of Celeb Experts there, the one that disappointed me the most is Zach Braff. At least we know now he was typecast for Scrubs. I admire the writers of that show even more after viewing his tweets.

One last thing… Jared, The Police called and they said GET OFF MY LAWN.


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