Obama Campaign Circus’ Latest Act: Jobs

The Obama campaign seriously has some clowns running it.  Their new line of attack? Going after Romney’s job record as Governor.  I had to laugh and shake my head. President Zero is attacking Romney on JOBS. I don’t know whether his staffers are outright stupid or just hoping we all forget Obama’s sustained high unemployment numbers and the large drop in size of the workforce of those who have just flat-out given up looking. His job creation numbers are also atrocious. Wizbang has a nice summary of Obama’s Job record from earlier this year:

Now let’s look at “job creation” via Obama’s $850 billion Stimulus plan.  Although the Administration claimed “2 million jobs created or saved” by the Stimulus in 2009,  further analysis showed that most of the money invested by the government went toward subsidies to keep existing workers on government payrolls, rather than toward new hires.  One widely publicized study reduced the number of ‘created or saved’  government jobs to 450,000, with a concurrent reduction in the private labor market of over 1 million jobs.

Other studies have shown that, instead of inspiring state and local governments to undertake new projects and hire more unemployed workers, the bulk of Stimulus money was used to pay for projects already on the books that were completed by workers already on state or local government payrolls.  Government contractors in the private sector were asked to buy unnecessary equipment and complete jobs inefficiently, in order to cook statistics and make it appear that a great deal of money was being quickly spent on Stimulus projects.

Finally, adding insult to injury in the employment market, only 42% of private firms that received Stimulus grants or contracts actively sought to hire the unemployed; the rest simply used the money to poach workers from competitors.  47% of workers hired for Stimulus-funded jobs were already employed at other similar jobs.


Facts are such pesky critters, aren’t they? Let’s look at some more.

Under Governor Romney, Massachussetts saw a drop in unemployment (5.6% to 4.7%):

Gains in labor force (3,424,521 to 3,439,052):


Gains in employment (3,231,607 to 3,279,951):

Now, let’s look at Obama’s track record:




But Obama wants you to ignore all of this, so partake of his latest shiny object and watch some out of touch socialite tell you what to do:


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