‘Anti-Racist’ Racists Named In Tinley Park Restaurant Beating

Tinley Park Beating Update

Well, well.. we have faces to go with the Anti-racists who believe confronting those who different views than them requires bats, batons and pipes and who like to beat random patrons while their at it.

The family that beats together, is arraigned together!

Image Via Chicago Tribune
Top row: Cody Sutherlin, Jason Sutherlin and Dylan Sutherlin. Bottom row: Alex Robert Stuck and John Steve Tucker have been charged in connection with a mob attack at the Ashford House Restaurant Saturday in Tinley Park.

From The Chicago Tribune:

An unpublished restaurant security video viewed by the Tribune of the bizarre Saturday afternoon melee had no sound — but it screams with images of fear and aggression. It was an attack that spilled from Internet chat rooms to the floor of the small Ashford House restaurant, bringing to the forefront an underground and nationwide battle between violent anti-racism groups and white supremacists.

Authorities announced charges Monday against five Indiana men in the attacks and said they still sought about 13 who escaped arrest.

Those charged include three brothers, Jason W. Sutherlin, 33, Cody L. Sutherlin, 23, and Dylan J. Sutherlin, 20. Also charged were Alex R. Stuck, 22, and John S. Tucker, 26. All five live near Bloomington, Ind.

The men are connected to the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, which is part of the Anti-Racist Action Network that formed in Minneapolis in 1987 to address discrimination, according to a leader in the organization, Jacob Domke.

Prosecutors say authorities apprehended the men about four miles from the restaurant shortly after the melee and found dark hoodies, scarves, a knife and batons in their car. The five were being held on bail Monday and face felony counts of mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.

The article goes on and delves into their anti-racist racist affiliation with Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement. Their website currently displays their love and support for the “Tinley 5”:

They’re even on Twitter trying to drum up support for these walking bags of stupid. Occupy sends its love, of course.  Speaking of Occupy, HARM dropped its support of Occupy Indianapolis in January. The give a long list of reasons, but their shared love of hating the Klan isn’t one of them.

The same group that claimed these criminals, ARA, hosted a nice event last Fall. It was a who’s who in anarchy and violence. One of the headliners was none other than Bernadine Dohrn:

Bernardine Dohrn
Bernardine will be speaking and having an open discussion about white supremacy and the contours of anti-racist organizing and activism.

Bernardine Dohrn, activist, academic and child advocate, is Clinical Associate Professor of the Northwestern University School Law, and founding director of the Children and Family Justice Center. Dohrn was a national leader of SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) and the Weather Underground, and was on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List for over a decade.

She is co-author, with Bill Ayers, of Race Course: Against White Supremacy, co-editor of Sing A Battle Song: Documents of the Weather Underground, and wrote the introduction to Letters from Young Activists. She is an author and co-editor of two books: “A Century of Juvenile Justice” (2002) and “Resisting Zero Tolerance: A Handbook for Parents, Teachers and Students” (2001). She and Ayers are currently writing, What If?

I dug around Facebook and yep, a couple of them were in there.

Cody Sutherlin’s Facebook Page  – shows a LIKE for the HARM page on Facebook; interesting post on that page here. HARM page also shows a fund started to bail them out. Only 25o bucks in it and they need 250k. Snort.

Dylan Sutherlin’s Facebook Page  – he loves cars and works on them.

Looks like I could have saved myself some finger cramping clicking – The Blaze had the same idea. Oh look, and they’re very likely linked to OCCUPY:

However, it’s the third of the Sutherlin brothers, Jason, who may have the most interesting history. While Mr. Sutherlin’s face has proven elusive, Favstar.fm has linked someone named Jason Sutherlin from Bloomington, Indiana, to a Twitter account named 812Gorilla. According to Favstar.fm, this is one of 812Gorilla’s top Tweets:

Jason Sutherlin, One of the Attackers Charged in Chicago Restaurant Assault, Had Connections to Occupy Wall StreetSo if this is the same Jason Sutherlin, then along with being a homespun anti-racist vigilante, Mr. Sutherlin is also affiliated with Occupy Bloomington (which the hashtag Occupybtown signifies). Lovely.

Looks like I’m still withholding that retraction.


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  2. luvenlust says:

    I dont condone violence, but I appreciate the courage of these young people! They send a strong message to these idiots who want to destroy the AMERICAN DREAM. I am so proud of them, i just wish they had of not resorted to violence. How dare a group of pedophiles and felons stirr up hate.
    I guess they want to kill others who they deem as different so they can make child porn videos with their orphan kids…….good job anti-racist…..!stoptheviolence!

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