JTMP and Op-Critical

Well, I’m legit creeped out right now.

I’ve just been reading a rather detailed and lengthy post over at The Other McCain regarding Brett Kimberlin. I recalled the Indiana bombing story, but didn’t conjure Kimberlin’s name until I hit Stacy McCain’s story and the post Lonely Conservative has up. I urge you to go read both of these pieces and get up to speed.

I got curious about the 501(c)3 of Kimberlin’s called  the Justice The Music Project (JTMP) and did some googling and what not. Youtube popped right up along with a series of videos where JTMP is paired with a group called Op-Critical; a music group sympathetic to Anonymous and Occupy of whom Kimberlin is a member of apparently.

Their channel is extensive (272 videos) and includes Van Jones and  his Take Back America push, PSA’s featuring known artists on getting out to vote, a four-part set of videos featuring Howard Dean, multiple videos of Power Shift ’09 (a clean energy coalition partnered with the Tides Foundation p. 70 of 174), eight videos kicking off with Chuck Schumer at the HCAN rally, a tin-foil hat type video about trying to ambush American Crossroads, an Al Sharpton clip and many videos on Occupy DC. Wonder who was taking those videos? It’s clear JTMP doesn’t think highly of the Tea Party either.

There were a number of videos from MusiCares events as well. I checked their statements to see more about them and noted that under section B of their tax statement for 09/10 listed a large payment in the independent contractor list to Bounce Event Marketing for $948,205. Curious about such a large expenditure, I hit the Bounce Event Marketing site and checked their client list. One client popped out at me, The White House. Small world. Bounce was responsible for “The Motown Sound: In Performance at The White House“. They also did “Fiesta Latina“. Both were covered by PBS, also a client of Bounce. I can only wonder how much they cost given MusiCares dropped nearly a million in fees to Bounce in one year. By the way, Bounce EM is an affiliate of AEG worldwide, owned by the Anschutz Company, founded by Philip Anschutz, who recently acquired The Weekly Standard and who also owns The Washington Examiner. Seems like Anschutz is the opposite of Soros and just as well funded. I wonder if Obama knew he was lining the pockets of a conservative battling Hollywood when he used Bounce. Hmm. After following all those links, I feel like I’ve been in a house of mirrors.

Now I’m even more creeped out.

Useful Links – Note: he did a lot of suing. Wonder who footed the bills?

LA Time Archive – Brett C. Kimberlin

Kimberlin, Brett C. VS. DOJ (Dan Quayle Pot related)

Kimberlin V. Dewalt (challenged parole being revoked)

Brett C. Kimberlin, Petitioner-Appellant, v. R.D. Brewer and United States Parole Commission (asserting his is eligible for parole immediately)

Brett C. Kimberlin, Appellee, v. Michael J. Quinlan, Et Al (sued claiming his 1st and 5th amendments were violated)

Kimberlin and Rice VS. DOJ  – “Kimberlin and Rice appeal an order of the district court dismissing in part their challenge to Bureau of Prisons (BOP) regulations that prohibit federal inmates from possessing electric or electronic musical instruments (other than for religious purposes)”

The I-pad Incident and related blog post from Allergic to Bull

LinkedIn Profile

Personal Facebook Page – He has a daughter named Kelsie? Also, wants to get Op-Critical on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack? Friends list relatively small – a lot of academics, but includes a former MD State rep, Saqib Ali. I noticed Ali went to University of Maryland and remembered seeing Kimberlin also had that listed in his LinkedIn profile.

JTMP Facebook Page

My follow up post, Babs Streisand and “activist funding”,  is here.

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