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The War On Gay Marriage Edition

Shocker! Surprise! More shiny objects instead of talking about the ruin this country is in.

President Obama has now ‘evolved’ on Gay marriage and supports it! Less than 24 hours after this amazing ‘evolution’, Obama already has a campaign video out slamming Romney for the very view he held himself. That was pretty fast, wasn’t it? Well, he has to hit him fast so he can blow it off in time to salvage independents, blacks and latinos.

Speaking of less than 24 hours later…WaPo really timed that hit piece on Romney well. It’s almost as if they were waiting for a signal or had known in advance. The media is all giddy and liberals are dancing in the streets despite the fact Obama will be doing nothing – zip, nada, zilch, zero – to actually act on behalf of this new found gay marriage acceptance.

I bet this ‘evolution’ has nothing to do with needing the votes and the money the LGBT groups will bring him in November. Definitely had nothing to do with the very pricey fundraiser at George Clooney’s either.  Nah…

Let’s look at the strategy ‘evolution’ of this historific Presidential decision!

1996: He was for it

2005: He was against it

2008: He was against it

2009: He was evolving on it

2010: Still evolving

2011: Seriously, still evolving

2012: Oh crap, he needs a new shiny object since North Carolina has shown him he can’t win on it.  He is for it.

History is made! The MSM cheers and calls it historic and ignoring the blatant use of the topic for campaigning, the money his gay bundlers bring and all the flip-flopping. Mark my words, he will play this card for a while and slap at Romney but then drop it in order to regain the black vote as we get closer to November. This is a pure vote and money move.

Over the weekend, Joe Biden runs his mouth about how he is in favor of gay marriage. Axelrod goes on defense – maybe he faked it, maybe not because Arne Duncan also floated a positive look on gay marriage. Then there is a Senior White House adviser, who drops mention that Obama will ‘endorse it after the election‘. Someone page Vlad.  Coincidence at this point? I really doubt it.  It’s strategery!

In my head I see this interview replaying:

And in my head, my reaction is always this:

This thought occurred to me earlier: I wonder what his new pals, The Muslim Brotherhood, have to say about this move. Probably thoroughly unimpressed. In fact, probably downright angry.

Meanwhile, Romney stands his ground and looks better for it every day. Obama? He looks obvious, desperate, shallow and a user – but most of all, dishonest.

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