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Obama Admin Official Cites Karl Marx in Defense of Class Warfare

Rick Bookstaber, who is a Senior Policy Adviser to the Financial Stability Oversight Council created by FrankenDodd, did a post on his personal blog today in defense of class warfare. He was following up on comments made at a conference where both he and Tucker Carlson spoke, and Carlson criticized the left for engaging in class warfare. To make his point, Bookstaber actually quoted Karl Marx.

Read the whole thing & See the screen shot at The Lonely Conservative.

Huh. Imagine that! Using Marx to prove one isn’t arguing in favor of class warfare.  He sure likes to use Marx a lot when he writes, not just his blog but also in his book. Almost everything I pulled up had reference to Marx somewhere in it. Even a column on Facebook.

Dr. Bookstaber said, “These times present a rare opportunity for fundamental financial reform. I am honored to be counted as part of this great team and am committed to the goals of investor protection and control of systemic risk.”

Fundamental financial reform?


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