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Spiking The Ball Edition

What kind of narcissist takes credit on a global stage for something he had little to do with? This kind:

But taking credit for simply being the in the Oval office at the right moment wasn’t enough. Obama has to ensure that we must all remember it for the rest of our lives. No, still not enough – it must live forever in the memory of the nation.

It must become “Loyalty Day“.

Not just any National Holiday either, but a day to be commemorated with Prayer.

Did I just get that right? We’re supposed to pray on the day when Osama Bin Laden was killed? I have two words for you Mr. President: GET BENT.

Real heroes don’t take credit.

Picture from Right Klik – story linked to image

I will pledge allegiance to the Flag, to the Constitution and will and do I pray regularly for our men and women in uniform. This decree of yours has nothing to do with them and everything with marking your place in Presidential history – albeit on the backs of the intelligence community and the SEALS who executed the mission.

Oh, and another thing while I’m at it. Your ‘secret’ trip to Afghanistan that was broadcast on all the major networks was just such a raving success. The Taliban have launched a new spring offensive in honor of the deal you struck with Karzai to keep our guys over there through 2024! That’s just awesome. Seriously, they love you over there. Just about as much as they love you in “Pahk-ee-stan”. For the love of God, just say Pakistan – the whole putting on airs of being this worldly guy are wearing pretty thin…

*Sigh* Now, where was I? Oh yes, the love in PAKISTAN. I know you said the war on terror was over and we’re not at war with Al Qaeda, but they beg to differ with you. Especially Pakistani Journalist Hamid Mir, who said, ‘Obama Can Throw the Dead Body of Osama Bin Laden In the Deep Sea – But He Cannot Drown the Ideology of Al-Qaeda’. I think a bromance with Hamid there is out, Barry.

Cute, you go half-way around the world to dodge your own Occupy movement’s rioting just to pat yourself on the back with the added bonus of troop extensions. Is this more of that “smart diplomacy” you’re supposed to be so famous for?  Because, Barry…buddy…even Carter wouldn’t have done that. Well, maybe Carter.

Forget it.

So, now that you’ve alienated your base with your self-aggrandizing  football spiking, maybe we can get back to your real record, not some composite record either:

This is “FORWARD”?: US factory orders fell in March by most in 3 years

Where are the jobs?: 29.7 Million Seek Work

Spending, Spending Spending: Obama’s Spending Spree By The Numbers

Shall I continue? I have thousands of links but figured a few of the more recent would do. I’m one woman behind a computer screen and if I can amass that much information, just think about bloggers who do this full-time.

One last thing – just a piece of advice really. I’d get Axelrod off the whole “dog” thing. We didn’t even begin to run out of material on that one. You lost. Deal with it.


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