Occupy Seattle Facebook Sees Blowback



Some of the users on the Occupy Seattle Facebook page are not amused regarding the property destruction and violence that occurred at yesterday’s May Day protests.  There’s some foul language in these posts, but that goes without saying really when it comes to Occupy. I’ve got more links to the idiocy from yesterday here.
I’ve snagged a few screenshots, of course. (Hat tip goes to one of my readers!)

Deligitimized by May Day activities? Did she JUST join occupy yesterday?

I had to laugh a little at the dissention in the ranks here. Just yesterday apparently occupy crossed the line for her. Apparently the pooping, peeing, flashing, groping, raping, deaths, murder, stabbings, property damage, molotov cocktails and other items thrown at the cops didn’t bother her. Ok!

Just LOL.. seriously, hot dogs?

If the last post made me roll my eyes and smirk, this one made me outright laugh. Mike Todd’s post about the hotdog vending is so full of win, I had to get tissues to wipe away the tears of laughter.

It's not Occupy, it's rogue Black Bloc's!!!
Yeah -- whatever. SAME THING.

I was kind of relieved to read the posts of user Karen Pooley about the dismay over the “Black Bloc” and the damage done.  The mentality of the others is what we have come to expect from this Leftist bowel of a movement. By the way, Lefties, the Black Bloc IS Occupy, denounce all you want – they are entrenched and not leaving. You’re screwed.

Oh, NOW we get a violence disclaimer.

Karen Pooley kept up the good fight but was overwhelmed by denying morons crying ‘infiltration’. Well DUH, you occuidiots, you’ve let Unions, communists, socialists and every other far left wing whacko group. What did you THINK was going to happen?  For added comedy, another occupy page posted a violence disclaimer. Not the Seattle page, but occupy Everett.

UPDATE: Linked by DaTechGuy – Thank you, Sir!


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11 Responses to Occupy Seattle Facebook Sees Blowback

  1. Karen Pooley says:

    Evan K Duke III, please listen to this radio interview……you say I am not a protest organizer. I have been one of the original protesters since even before Occupy Seattle formed. I started protesting at the foreclosure auctions by myself almost a year before you even knew that you should be protesting. What’s really funny is you are claiming I am a “conservative reactionary.” Funny.



    • Hi there Karen — Nice to see your comment here as well as the ones I blogged about. I told Mr. Duke you were an actual protester but alas, he did not believe me.


      • Karen Pooley says:

        BTW, my fight is a conservative fight……I fight for PROPERTY RIGHTS. It seems that no one on the right will bring up the corruption of the land records. The conservative banner has been property rights, but the whole chorus goes silent when talking about the corruption that has devastated our land records due to the bank’s corruption in the last 15 years. Why is the conservative side silent about this? We should be on the same side, fighting the same fight. We are not so different, if you get right down to the core.

        —Money out of politics
        —Stop the erosion of our civil liberties
        —Property rights should trump corporate rights
        —Jobs should not be exported overseas
        —Corporations should pay a fair tax rate

        Why does your conservative chorus label people fighting for the same issues as “hippies”? I am a middle-aged homeowner who has been upper middle class my entire life.


      • The ‘conservative chorus’ is going to label anyone who throws in with occupy as either a criminal or a ‘hippie’ due to the what we’ve all witnessed since last September’s ‘Day of Rage’ kick off. What you commented on and were so dismayed at is not an isolated incident, but rather the rule. Occupy is, to most on the outside, nothing more than whiny leftist entitlement babies who threw a temper tantrum and got into bed with unions and a wide array of criminals and miscreants just to get their movement noticed. Feel free to search my site under the Occupy category; I’ve documented the side occupy claims isn’t there. Occupy has chosen to go after the ‘producers’ and job providers instead of sitting their butts at 1600 Pennsylvania ave where they belong and ask the President who has taken more money from Wall street and bailed out his pals there with special favors than ANY president in 20 years. It’s a valid question why they are trashing the banks instead of showing up at his campaign stops.

        Now… as to Property rights, along with a smaller government and returning more power to the States versus the Fed is, from what I’ve seen, a Tea Party theme. So my question is, why have you chosen to throw in with Occupy instead of the Tea Party with zero arrests, zero murders, zero rapes and zero property damage? In 2010, they put new faces in Washington to fight for change and the items you list above.

        By the way, the US has the highest Corp tax rate in the world – it’s the loopholes that allow some of them to avoid some taxes…just ask Warren Buffett who’s Berkshire Hathaway owes one billion in back taxes.

        PS – ‘hippes’ never trashed parks, they picked them up. The tea party has affected change from within which isn’t as sexy as the drum circles in zuccotti park for the main stream media. Recent case in point: the Lugar race.


  2. Aaa says:

    F** obama and f** the author of this piece


  3. Just so you know Karen Pooley is a conservative reactionary and has nothing to do with any of the organizing in occupy Seattle. I’ve never even seen her at a meeting. Black Block anarchists are not sanctioned by occupy nor is the destruction of property. We didn’t plan any of that. Chances that the window smashers are actually agent provocateurs (cops) are very high. What is highly obvious is that you are just as biased with your post and the selection of comments that you have poached from our page, as the bourgeoisie, biased media. We have serious problems in this city/country/world but instead of addressing those you would rather sensationalize window breaking. Occupy Seattle didn’t break any windows, people in masks did. I would like to point out that the banks involved in the foreclosure scams which stole american homes haven’t been punished. Nor has the S.P.D. for the murder of John T Williams who was an unarmed citizen. Go scream for justice till the cows come home, but maybe pick something that matters to cry it for.


    • Her comments say otherwise as she mentions she’s been part of the movement there. Nice try though.
      Your entire post is rather reactionary and littered with denial and tin foil hat conspiracy theories typical of an occupier. It’s also clear you didn’t read the ABOUT page for this blog – it’s a Conservative blog, so the writing herein trends that way. It’s not biased to present facts. If you don’t think destruction of private property is worthy of reporting, I can’t help you. It’s clear you can’t police your own much less form a cogent message as a group.

      I’d suggest checking out the very long, monthly chronicles I’ve done on Occupy and open your your own eyes.


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  5. A.Men says:

    occupiers are the Democratic arm of obama’s re-election campaign. You aren’t fooling anyone!


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