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Brace yourself, people. You are entering the world of Jackwagons gone wild. Say What? is a series of quotes that I collect as I go about my daily business of deciphering the “news”.  I take no responsibility for any keyboards or monitors you may ruin in the course of reading this column. There is also bound to be NSFW language along the way, consider yourself warned. Be sure to look for link Easter Eggs as you go. Please keep your head and arms inside the ride at all times. Enjoy!

Biden On The Loose Edition

It’s been a banner month for Vice President Joe Biden and his mouth. When Obama picked him as his running mate, I was sure it was to keep him reined in. Perhaps that was the intent, but it has not quite worked out that way — he’s the gift that keeps on giving. Bring on WTF 2012!

Next up, a trip to the “gator-glades“, where Joe thinks the Secret Service threatening people is the perfect material for jokes:

“But you see this man right here, my Secret Service guy? He played in pro-football, also was on that national championship team – the Clemson had. He said if I go, he’ll shoot you, Ronnie, so …I’m only kidding. That’s not true. He didn’t say he’d shoot Ronnie. He said he’d shoot the alligator if I went. I just think it’s incredible, and I still think you’re nuts, Ronnie,” Biden said.

No worries, Joe. Your boss thinks the Secret Service are just a bunch of knuckleheads. Apparently that whole ‘war on women’ thing only applies to liberal American women…or maybe he slept through that meeting.

And now we have our point and laugh moment:

Joe, Joe … the baby isn’t crying WITH you, it’s crying AT you. You, Obama and the Democrats have racked up more debt than any of their predecessors and did do in under 4 years. That baby is damn smart and probably has seen this chart.

Finally, the Grand-Daddy quote for the finale:

“He has been one of the leading legal scholars,” Biden said of Franken today, according to the pool report. He also said that Al Franken “is deadly serious” as a senator.

I about died laughing. Yes, this Al Franken:

The one who doesn’t know his gavel from a hole in the ground. The one who took Norm Coleman’s seat after a recount where magically he came out ahead by 312 votes after trailing by 725 votes.  The same one who cast the vote needed for Obamacare to pass.The same one who snagged a big paycheck while Air America filed bankruptcy.

Click for the scoop on how low Al went at Air America.

The same one who was cited for tax evasion to the tune of $70,000. The same Al Franken whose Constitutional ignorance was on display here in 2010. What I find funny is that the first law Franken introduced and got passed would keep 200 dogs a year off the menu at the White House.  Yeah, he’s “deadly serious”…

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