Polticial Correctness Alert: Rinku Sen, Obama and The “I-word” Campaign

Rinku Sen

Leading Political Correctness Enforcer of “Racial Justice”

Have you heard of her? She’s popped onto my radar in the last six months, thanks to Atlas Shrugs and one of my readers. Yes, I know I’m a bit behind the curve on this one – but given the college tour Obama just went on, I felt this needed writing about now.  Sen is the self-proclaimed “leading figure in racial justice” (Full bio). I bet your thinking, “Great, now we have a second offspring of political correctness to sit aside its sibling, social justice”. If you aren’t you should be. This is the next wave or assault on our freedoms, beliefs and battle for our kids.

A note to Parents: She’s not limiting herself helping Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA) to indoctrinate high schoolers – it’s worth noting that she’s the keynote speaker for multiple university commencements this spring. I’d find out if  your tuition money is paying for this woman to speak at your child’s school if I were you.

The “Internship” OFA is offering via Atlas Shrugs:

The internship is a ten week training course (indoctrination) which included recommended reading Obama’s personal religious materials, including:

-Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky
-The New Organizers, Zack Exley
-Stir It Up: Lessons from Community Organizing and Advocacy, Rinku Sen
-Obama Field Organizers Plot a Miracle, Zack Exley, Huffington Post
-Dreams of My Father Chicago Chapters, Barack Hussein Obama

The ten-week indoctrination includes:

-An introduction
-What is organizing: Building relationships and organizing
-What is organizing: The power of good data and reporting
-Strategizing for effective change
-Developing leadership (like Obama has a clue about leading!)
-Managing events
-Building Coalitions
-Working with the media
-Utilizing new media tools (social media campaigns)
-Celebration, evaluation, and the long haul of change An Atlas reader, Chuck, has a student in the eleventh grade in an Ohio High School. Her government class passed out this propaganda recruiting paper so students could sign up as interns for Obama’s Organizing for America (OFA is the former mybarackobama.com site.)

This woman is a real piece of work. A visit to the front page of Colorlines.com tells you quite a bit about the ideology she’s pushing. They even have ALEC as a main menu item for attack.  The push on the site currently is to force censorship of reporting on Illegal immigration by targeting various media outlets. A campaign to force these outlets to “Drop the I-word” looks very similar to the multiple boycott campaigns we’ve seen orchestrated in recently memory like Komen, Lowes and Rush Limbaugh. Right now, they’re targeting a paper in my home state of NC: The Charlotte Observer.

Text of the form letter from Colorlines.com, sans the hyperlinks they embedded in it:

Subject: Charlotte Observer, Drop the I-Word.

Dear Charlotte Observer Editors,

I am writing to ask that the Charlotte Observer reporters and editors stop describing people as “illegal immigrants,” “illegal aliens,” and any other form of “illegal.” The i-word is dehumanizing, racially charged and masquerades as legal terminology, which it is not. There are terms like “unauthorized,” “undocumented,” and other precise, rational descriptions that can be used. The i-word denies people due process and is incompatible with ethical, professional journalistic standards.

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) recently passed a resolution to discontinue use of the term “illegal alien.” They also suggested continued discussion to re-evaluate the use of “illegal immigrant,” which SPJ’s diversity committee advised against using because it is unconstitutional language and is offensive and dehumanizing to the people it describes. The Miami Herald, The San Antonio Express News and the New Haven Register have already changed their guidelines and we urge you to do so too.

The i-word inflames anti-immigrant rhetoric, which morphs into anti-Latino sentiment. Charlotte has the largest Latino community of the state’s ten largest cities, comprising 13.1% of the population, and North Carolina now ranks 11th in the nation in Latino residents. By dropping the i-word, the Observer can stop fueling hate and prejudice toward members of its own community.

Colorlines Letter Campaign to Censor the Charlotte Observer

They also post a ‘Pledge’:

I will not call any human being “illegal.” The racially charged slur and related terms confuse the immigration debate, fuel violence and don’t reflect my values. I join communities nationwide in challenging all media to do the same.

Did you get that? Someone who enters our country ILLEGALLY cannot be labeled as such because it might upset them and this group is pushing to make the term a slur.  Political correctness run amok!

According to Colorlines, NC is sick of hearing the word “illegal”. Perhaps that’s because we’ve got a lot of them living here and with Libby Dole gone, no one is deporting them. Instead, tax payers are stuck with a bill for them that annually is over a billion dollars. Behold illegals in NC:


Sorry, but replacing ‘illegal’ with ‘undocumented’ is nothing but semantics. It’s insulting and censorship. Nonetheless, I’ll be keeping my eye on The Charlotte Observer for sanitized language regarding illegal immigration. The end result to force their idea of politically correct speech onto the topic of illegal immigration or to ‘whitewash’ it – pun intended. I’d say she fits into Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation’ of America just perfectly.

Rinku Sen (center) sits on a panel talking to occupiers about stopping corporate power. Yes, that's Michael Moore on the left.

More about occupy Colorlines in their own words:


She’s cut from the same community organizing cloth has the President and his merry band of Alinsky radicals. As expected, she’s also involved in Occupy. She sat on a panel with Nomi Klein and Michael Moore that dealt with taking on Corporate power.

On her blog, she has an article she wrote about useful idiot and community agitator, Van Jones. The article is an interview and promotional piece for Jones’ new book. Jones, of course, drags Trayvon Martin into it:

“Then Trayvon is killed. The president makes the obvious point that if he had a son, his son would look like Trayvon, ending the prohibition on talking about the persistence of racial hatred and bigotry in our body politic.”

Oh, yes. Nothing quite like the first half-black President equating a dead black youth with a son he doesn’t have to bring racial tensions under control.  Racial justice for some but not for all. Sums up both Sen and Obama. Let us hope the people of this nation reject their linguistic sanitizing attempts in November.


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  1. Well said Lady Liberty. And if you are behind the curve, well I ain’t even on it. I hadn’t even heard of Rinku Sen til now. It’s a memorable enough name, so it’ll stick with me, too.

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